A Keanu Reeves-A-Thon Is Coming To Sydney

Keanu fans unite:  there’s a mini-festival devoted to the icon and his lush hair coming to Sydney.

Photo Credit: HiConsumption

His hair is shiny, his eyes are stoic and brooding, his demeanour- mysterious, and his attitude- ever the nice guy. The internet is in love, and with good reason.

Keanu Reeves’ name is one known to almost every household at this point, despite the fact that many butcher the pronunciation. That’s “key-ah-noo”, people.

Between 1990 and 1999, the number of babies named ‘Keanu’ hit an all-time high, it’s not a surprise considering Reeves’ film career skyrocketed at this point with hits like Point Break (1991) and The Matrix (1999).

The name ‘Keanu’ also means ‘cool breeze over the mountains’ in Hawaiian. And cool he is. So it’s only fitting that Sydney partakes in a seven-week mini-festival celebrating the films that cool-guy Reeves has starred in.

Starting with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) and ending with John Wick (2014), the Kean Reeves-A-Thon shares everything from high-speed action to sci-fi martial arts.

The Ritz Cinema in Randwick is bringing his ever-shiny black bob to the big screen for 7 of his biggest films every Friday between November 1 and December 13, with tickets being sold for $15.

So gather your pocket change and strap yourselves in for a celebration of Reeves’ most beloved blockbusters.

For more information on the Keanu Reeves-A-Thon, head to ritzcinemas.com.

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