Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière Takes A Stand Against Donald Trump

Louis Vuitton’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, takes a stand against Donald Trump days after he made an appearance at the fashion labels new factory in Texas.

Photo: Getty Images

Just last week, Head of LVMH Bernard Arnault was stood alongside Trump where he unveiled the second Louis Vuitton factory in the US.

Arnault told WWD that the new factory is set to provide 1,000 jobs for Americans over the next five years.

“We are very honored to have the president of the United States. I’m not here to judge any types of policies,” said Arnault. “I’m here to work with my brand and we are going to, over five years, have 1,000 people working here and that’s what matters.”

Now, their relationship doesn’t come as a surprise as Arnault and Trump have actually known each other for a while, dating back to the eighties, WWD reports.

Interestingly, neither LVMH nor Louis Vuitton has posted any images from the event on their social media accounts; presumably to avoid discourse and calls to boycott.

Unfortunately, it was all a little too late as the French billionaire is now listed on the #GrabYourWallet campaign; which highlights brands that associate with Trump and question their view of his socio-political stances.

The event prompted creative director Nicolas Ghesquière to publicly condemn Trump on his Instagram.

He posted a photo of Evelyn Thomas’ 1984 song, “High Energy” accompanied by a caption that reads:

“Standing against any political action. I am a fashion designer refusing this association #trumpisajoke #homophobia”

According to WWD, a spokesperson for Louis Vuitton said the house has no comment on the post.

Ghesquière frequently casts transgender and queer models in shows and campaigns, hence why we understand his distaste for Trump.

The comments on the post have since been turned off however transgender model Teddy Quinlivan, whom Ghesquière has cast in multiple shows, showed her support.

“BRAVO?? Thank you for standing on the right side of history ????❤️❤️”

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