Winners of The 2019 Australian Fashion Laureate Awards: Australian Fashion Leads The Way!

The 2019 Australian Fashion Laureate Awards took place on 23rd of October at the renowned Cafe Sydney. Winners were acknowledged for their notable achievements by the NSW Government and IMG.

Photo Credit: Man of Many


Some winning take-aways from this esteemed event included the future of eco-fashion as well as the power of sustainable innovation and authenticity. Power couple Marnie Goding and Adam Koniaras from Elk took the crown for their positive impact on sustainability with their ethical designs and use of local sources. In fact, this year, Elk published a ‘transparency report’ outlining its efforts to use environmentally friendly materials, as well as acknowledging its efforts to minimise their carbon footprint and pay an equitable wage to all stakeholders in the supply chain.

In a time of environmental turmoil and cultural awakening with the impact of client change affecting our ecosystems, the role of fashion proves to be a vital think tank for innovation and sustainability.

The introduction of the new Sustainable Innovation Award category encourages designers to be conscious of their environmental footprint and to celebrate the laudable achievements of fashion’s brightest and sustainably innovative designs.

But now to the highest honour of the 2019 Australian Laureate Fashion Awards…cue drumroll…The overall winner (aka the Australian Fashion Laureate 2019) goes to Laura Brown, Aussie Editor-in-Chief of InStyle Magazine in the United States. A significant lifetime achievement award for Laura acknowledging her inspiring contributions to global fashion as well as the Australia fashion industry. A badass and a leading fashion maverick, Laura Brown proves that you can be the ‘nice guy’ (well, woman) and a fashion ‘badass’ at the same time.

Laura Brown’s story, hailing from Sydney’s southwestern suburbs, to steering the behemoth ship of InStyleUS as Editor-in-Chief is inspiring to say the very least. She’s proven that having strong moral values and nurturing authenticity serves as an invaluable intangible asset…oh and let’s add a dash of Aussie wit and humour to an already flavoursome concoction of originality, genuineness and leadership. It’s the quintessential down-to-earth Aussie attitude and larrikinism that she also attributes to her ability to connect with people in this fast-paced global fashion industry.

As Danielle Ragenard, Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Models, said to Australian Financial Review:

“Anyone who can go from a farm in Camden to the helm of the most widely read fashion magazine in America is a winner as far as I’m concerned.”


More 2019 Australian Fashion Laureate Winners:


Jillian Davison (Creative Director of Vogue and GQ Australia) – Outstanding Creative

Charlee Fraser– Model of the Year

Lee Mathews– Best Australian Womenswear

Double Rainbouu– Best Australian Menswear

IIona Hamer & Peta Heinsen– Best Australian Emerging Talent (for Matteau, their swimwear label).

Bassike– Best Australian Retailer Award

Sarah and Sebastian– Best Australian Accessories

The 2019 Australian Fashion Laureate Awards is not only a pillar for innovation, exemplary talent and leadership (selected by the highly esteemed panel of 30 industry leaders), but a cultural think tank for wider socially conscious consumers with the power to positively impact and inspire change in the world.

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