DMA’S New Single ‘Silver’ Belts Like A Hammering Britpop Ballad

Already amassing tonnes of likes off Instagram, the three lads of DMA’s continues to not disappoint its devoted listeners with new released song ‘Silver’ teasing an awaited third album due out in 2020. 

Since releasing their second album For Now in April last year, the band have been touring their Aussie homeland and in Europe constantly throughout 2018 and 2019. DMA’s have amounted a mass following in the UK, playing at packed out venues such as this year’s TRNSMT (pronounced Transmit) music festival in Scotland, and supporting one of their main influences Liam Gallagher of Oasis.

Gallagher a fan of the young Australian band has recognised and respected their talent as musicians and songwriters. To contest Gallagher’s gentle criticism in a 2017 interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, “They’ve got some good tunes – and they’re good lads – but they’re not as good as Oasis,”

‘Silver’ demonstrates how DMA’s have grown into mature musicians and encapsulated their own identity as a rock band.

With old and new fans already impressed:

For front man Tommy O’ Dell, and guitarists Johnny Took and Matt Mason, the trio have definitely come a long way since their humble 2012 beginnings and their  2016 debut album Hill’s End.

DMA’s new song ‘Silver’ pushes the creativity carried from For Now and there is a sense of newfound maturity in the song’s lyricism. O’Dell shines through in singing a sentimental love ballad that speaks about a relationship that has endured for a long time. The genuine emotion in O’Dell’s voice is noticeable as he croons, “It’s funny that I think of you right now. Knowing all the years that turned to clouds, I’m still coming down.”

The three members who share all songwriting credit between them solidifies their poetic prowess in the song’s subject matter. The song should not be taken for granted as a typical love song because it shows a possible insight to the band’s philosophy and history. If this is a song about past relationships and the band’s growing success, the theme of lost love makes it more powerful demonstrated by the lyric,  “You’re still locked in all these walls. I’m too tired to want it all.”

Listeners will recognise the Manchester Britpop sounds of Oasis and The Stone Roses and Oasis but the aesthetic of influence pairs wonderfully with O’Dell’s angelic vocals and band’s unique sound. DMA’s continues to surprise their fans with original craftsmanship and continues to validate their uniqueness and differentiation of their Britpop influences.  


DMA’s new song ‘Silver’. Photo credit: DMA’s Instagram.

The band is expected to return to Australian shores in December at the Fairgrounds Festival in Berry, New South Wales, with Liam Gallagher headlining the event. DMA’s are also expected to perform at Laneway Festival, early February next year.

The band’s most recent touring dates in the UK are listed below:
Monday 11th November: Motorpoint Arena Cardiff
Tuesday 12th  November: Arena Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
Thursday 14th  November: P&J Live, Aberdeen, UK
Friday 15th November: Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Australian touring dates:
Saturday 7th December: Fairgrounds Festival 2019, Berry, NSW, Australia
Saturday 1st February : Laneway Festival Brisbane 2020: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Sunday 2nd February: Laneway Festival Sydney 2020: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Friday 7th February: Laneway Festival Adelaide 2020: Adelaide, SA, Australia
Saturday 8th February: Laneway Festival Melbourne 2020: Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Sunday 9th February: Laneway Festival Fremantle 2020: Fremantle, WA, Australia

For more info about DMA’s scheduled tour dates click here

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