The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2019

Now that the ‘spooky season’ has officially passed, it’s time to put our costumes to the side and admire this year’s best celebrity Halloween costumes.

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Halloween is over, much to the disappointment some of our favourite celebrities who continually go all out for the spooky season. But before we bust out the tinsel and candy canes for Christmas, we’re going to take a look back at 2019’s best celebrity costumes.

The Weeknd

Source: ET Canada

As expected, there was an outburst of Jokers this year following the release of Todd Phillips’ critically acclaimed film, ‘Joker’, starring Joaquin Phoenix. Although some people may feel like the ‘trick or treating season’ was oversaturated with several ‘clowns’, award winning R&B singer, The Weeknd, went old school, uncannily reviving the original super villain.


Lil Nas X

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Sticking with the old school theme, fans of New York Hip Hop may particularly appreciate this nod to culture slightly more than the average fan. Atlanta’s Lil Nas X took his horse down to the streets of Harlem as he channeled his inner Dipset and showed out as New York legend, Cam’ron. Down to the chain and cellphone, the twenty-year old artist mimicked every aspect of Cam’ron’s iconic pose. The ‘Old Town Road’ artists is currently working on his debut album and wants to have “at least 70 songs to choose from”, NME reports.


LeBron James

Source: TMZ

Cutting through defences on the court, the three-time NBA champion continued the theme off the court as he swapped out his hands for scissors. Paying homage to one of Tim Burtons’ most iconic characters, the Los Angeles Lakers’ player impersonated the vulnerable look of Edward Scissorhands while his wife stood by his side as the snake-haired, Medusa.


Kevin Hart

The ‘Irresponsible’ comedian dipped into his co-star’s past this year, recreating Dwayne Johnson’s pose that eventually went on to become a meme. While he may not be able to match the height of ‘The Rock’, he did manage to duplicate the outfit and fanny pack that Dwayne wore prior to the glory days. The comedic relationship between these two stars is always on display, mocking each other at every chance they get, and fans of the two may be in for a treat as the sequel to Jumanji is set to release in December of this year.


Heidi Klum

Source: Time

Setting her model etiquette to the side, the ‘Victoria’s Secret Angel’ encapsulated the traditional Halloween atmosphere perfectly as she dressed up as an alien for her party. Her costume featured visible intestines, wires holding together body parts, and of course, blood. According to Metro, it took a total of 13 hours for the model to get ready and don the outfit. Coming off last year’s run as Princess Fiona, Heidi may be in the lead for best annual Halloween costumes.


Janelle Monae 

Janelle Monae shifted her genius from music to Halloween this year as she accompanied her ‘groom’ as a headless bride. The singer’s head remained in her hands for the duration of Halloween as blood trickled down the dress. With The Guardian hailing her most recent release, Dirty Computer, as a top album of 2018, Janelle is on quite the roll.


Halima Aden

Photo Credit: LATimes

The American fashion model displayed her admiration for the greatness of Angelina Jolie as she donned the Maleficent costume. Being the first model to wear a hijab in the Minnesota USA beauty pageant, Halima has always been breaking boundaries and this year’s costume was nothing short of that.


The Wests

In traditional internet-breaking fashion, Kim Kardashian rocked Instagram with multiple outfits. While the first outfit was an individual nod to Reese Witherspoon’s performance in ‘Legally Blond’, she got the whole family involved her second outfit. The Wests toned down their luxurious lifestyle for Halloween and took us back to the stone age as they dressed up as The Flintstones, in one of three family Halloween costumes. While Kim flaunted a Betty Rubble outfit, Kanye opted to dress up as Dino.


The Wilsons

Source: Vogue

‘Black excellence’ was the theme in the Wilson household as R&B artist, Ciara Wilson, and NFL husband, Russel Wilson, channeled The Carters. Mimicking the cover of the joint album by Beyoncé and JAY Z, The Wilsons put their own spin on the costume as they switched out the Mona Lisa portrait for a portrait of the Obamas.


Gigi Hadid

Source: Moose Gazette

Switching out the typical face mask for ‘The Mask’, Gigi Hadid donned a yellow suit along with a yellow fedora, replicating Jim Carrey’s performance in the 1994 movie. In typical supermodel style, Gigi executed perfectly, down to the smile.


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