Thunder Fox’s Debut ‘Love At First Sniff’ Begs You Sniffing For More

Giving listeners a large concoction of 80’s synths, soul, funk and psychedelia, Thunder Fox brings you a fresh whiff of their debut album Love At First Sniff ahead of their upcoming Aussie summer tour. 

Thunder Fox Live at The Balmers Club Photo Credit: Balmers Club

Thunder Fox can be described as a six piece neo soul band or what the band themselves describe, “Six androgynous Sydney persons bringing you the smoothest goods to tantalise your eyes and seduce your ears.”

The Sydney band are composed of lead vocalist/guitarist Sam Dawes, Sam Frank (vocals/guitar), Jesse Tachibana (trumpet/vocals), Travers Keirle (saxophone/vocals), Max Vallentine (drums), and Connor McCool (bass).

Reviews of the band’s musicality have already sparked commendable responses:

“This band continues to kick up a hedonistic rock-funk hoo-ha. If such a thing didn’t exist before then it does now, thanks Thunder Fox.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

“Dubbed Love At First Sniff (yes, you read that right), the groove-punks’ fresh LP is a funk-drenched blast of horns, harmonies, humour and bucketloads lot of Thunder Fox swagger.”
Music Feeds, Nastassia Baroni

“When you’ve got that bass, horns and the type of swagger only really reserved for those who can walk the walk as well as they can talk the talk, you’ve got a formula that can’t fail.”
The AU Review, Sosefina Fuamoli

“Thunder Fox are just a heap of fun. Their music has got a very strong Jazz influence which is what first drew me to them, its really mellow, dirty a little uncomfortable and just so so good.”
Tone Deaf interviewing Adelaide based singer/songwriter Stellie 

Below are some key songs from the album that will entice listeners on the first listen

Love At First Sniff

Title song ‘Love At First Sniff’ gives an amusing first impression. The song opens up with a haunting surfy/rockabilly guitar and crooning ‘’oooos” which echo like a religious hymn. The singing that follows, eerily channels the James Earl Jones cameo in the Simpson’s version of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem ‘The Raven’. The dark wordplay therefore sends a chill to the spine but makes the listener yearning for more.

Photo Credit: Thunder Fox

WTF Is This

‘WTF is this’ opens up with a great horn section and displays the talent of Jesse Tachibana and Travers Keirle. The mid section slows down in tempo and puts the listener in a blissful stasis. Kick back and relax while you listen to the band’s blend of jazz and wah pedal guitar drizzle.

Photo credit: Thunder Fox Facebook Official Page

Been Busy

‘Been Busy’ is a cool track with established funky grooves to rock your butt out to. The accompanying retro music video does exactly that. The spectacle displays the band wearing over the top Borat esque aerobics attire with a dance routine inspired by the choreography from the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening. The combination of trumpet fanfare, random surreal backgrounds and choreography show off the band’s sense of humour in playful fashion.

Hot Tub

‘Hot Tub’ lays down the 70’s funky guitar riffs and highlights the diverse range of main vocalist Sam Dawes. In an interview with Lunch Box Tv, the band was asked, “If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be?”

With Sam Dawes replying, “Mixed kebab with the lot”.  ‘Hot Tub’ undoubtedly delivers the tasty textures of a mixed kebab with its mouthwatering dynamics of soul, RnB and ska.

Been Busy Photo Credit: Thunder Fox

Look At You

‘Look At You’ might possibly be the best song on the debut. The vocals are soothingly layered and reminiscent of Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson.  Listeners will be treated to slow funky grooves with a relaxing back beat that perfectly sets the mood to chill out. The guitar solo is lit with swirling fuzz tones that will send you to a euphoric stratosphere.

Feels So Good

The song ‘Feels So Good’ resonates similarly to ‘Look At You’ and the vocals transcends a neo-soul feel to the ears. There are some lo-fi guitar licks that channels John Frusciante (former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist) inspired licks. The build up to the guitar solo in this song shreds ecstatically funky which gives off Prince-esque guitar vibes that would definitely have hips swaying.


After a jam packed 2018 global tour that ventured the band into European territory including the Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and the UK, Thunder Fox will spend the rest of 2019 on Aussie soil with an east-coast tour.


The band’s national tour dates are listed below:

22nd November: The Basement, Canberra
23rd November: Yah Yah’s, Melbourne
7th December: Cambridge Warehouse, Newcastle
13th December: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
14th December: Imperial Hotel Eumundi, Sunny Cast
21st December: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Tickets can be purchase here

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