Reilly Stapleton’s Chilling New Single And Music Video ‘Impulse’

The empowered female songwriter and singer Reilly Stapleton delves deep into the dark nature of the human psyche in her new single ‘Impulse’. 

Reilly Stapleton delivers a slow chilling song about revenge that rocks you with impulsive swagger. ‘Impulse’ which was released on October 31st, is a diverse Gothic rock ballad that explores the intricacies of the human psyche, tempting our own moral thoughts with diabolic impulses.

Details About The Music Video

The music video is directed by Michael Sadler and opens up with a car driving into an Edwardian looking estate in the middle of nowhere. Immediately, viewers are taken to feel eerie American Horror Story vibes.

The film clip depicts Stapleton’s character hosting a tea party for her disgruntled and rude guests. The lyric’s subject matter juxtaposes  greatly with the film’s action and instantly you feel something ominous is about to happen. Disgusted by the guests’ impoliteness, Stapleton takes them out one by one in gruesome yet comical fashion.

Stapleton explains the message behind the song:

Impulse is reflective of the constant battle between our negative impulsions and our inner consciousness that provides you with a positive moral compass. The song uses violence, anger and control in order to convey this unavoidable conflict.  When somebody has a short tolerance of anger they can withstand, it is generally our consciousness that holds us back from lashing out.” 

Stapleton does remarkably well in showcasing the human consciousness getting out of control. By taking on a more rockier tone than her beautifully sentimental 2018 single ‘That One’s On Me’, Stapleton wants listeners to know that she can channel the same empowering talents of Evanescence’s Amy Lee, Pink, Hannah Reid of London Grammar and Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine.

Photo Credit: Rilley Stapleton Facebook Page

In deciding to choose a more darker direction, Stapleton explains the visuals and direction behind the music video:

“The protagonist struggles with maintaining self-control when it comes to the loud and obnoxious guests, so she begins to imagine the ways in which the guests could be murdered and her mind can once again be at ease. The guests become more irritating as the event goes on and she becomes quite irrational and exasperated…on her final murder spree, it seems she may have gone too far – the audience will be left wondering if her impulse really did take control.”

Listeners will hear Stapleton’s ability to sing a mixture of angelic and wrathful sounds that pairs effectively well with the minimal instrumental arrangement. This combination creates a cool sonic ambiance that generates a powerful emotional response for the listener as demonstrated in the melancholic chorus, “Is it bad? I’ve gone mad. Smashed the bottle I had in my hand.” Thus, Stapleton’s songwriting profoundly seeps into listener’s ears, creating dark imagery filled with violent immoral thoughts we wouldn’t dare to make. 

After performing an exclusive one-off show at the Grace Darling in Melbourne, Stapleton will continue her devilish residency every first Tuesday of the month till the end of 2019 at God’s Kitchen in Mornington, Victoria.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this promising artist before the year’s close.

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