Gucci and Korine Bring Christmas Gifts From The Tropical Islands

Fresh off their recent collaboration, Gucci and Harmony Korine have teamed up once again to wish us a Merry Tropical Christmas.

‘Gucci celebrates a tropical themed Christmas’. Photo Credit: Harmony Korine

With the festive season officially upon us, Gucci is taking their celebrations to international waters as they set sail on a cruise-liner. The 2019 ‘Giving Gifts’ campaign was devised by creative director Alessandro Michele and photographed by American film director, Harmony Korine.

The 46-year-old director that is responsible for the 1997 cult-classic, Gummo, has helped recreate a much more appealing version of ‘Cast Away’ for Gucci, to help promote their Christmas gift collection. Opting for a tropical theme, it was only right that gifts were unwrapped under the shade of island, palm trees.

Tasked with steering away from the serious-tone often associated with the luxury brand, Korine delivered, bringing audiences a laid-back short film to accompany his gallery.

No reindeer this time around, only rowboats and paddles for Santa Claus.

The tropical collection from Gucci features some of their most detailed work to date, with products layered in floral designs. Everything ranging from carry-bags to dresses continue the floral and tropical theme. While Korine’s 2012, Spring Breakers, may not have been the tropical adventure audiences expected, the floral motif and his directing ability work hand in hand throughout this campaign.

‘Gift Giving’ marks the third collaboration between Gucci and Korine, with their other two coming earlier this year. ‘Gucci by Harmony Korine‘ was a photographic book published in June and was the first instalment of their collaborative projects. October’s ‘Gucci Cruise 2020‘ featured guest appearances from hip-hop artist, Gucci Mane, American-British actress, Sienna Miller, and songwriter, Iggy Pop.

Check out Gucci’s new tropical-themed gift collection here and take a look at some of our favourite picks down below.

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