The Latest Pop Culture Auction Hosted By Gotta Have Rock And Roll

If you’ve got the cash, Gotta Have Rock and Roll has got the product at their latest pop culture auction.

Beatles 1966 Full Unused Concert Ticket. Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

Pop culture. It’s the epitome of why we live. Well, maybe not, but for collectors, the next few days will consist of nothing but pop culture references. Online auction site, Gotta Have Rock and Roll, is a hosting an online auction for items of pop culture till November 22th, 2019.

With products ranging from a Chicago Bulls’ Jersey signed by both Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson, to a marjiuana grinder used by Snoop Dogg, this auction is set to please, no matter what you’re into.

It is an auction though so be sure to bring your big bucks as you may have to potentially outbid other buyers.


Michael Jackson 1988 Bad World Tour Black Jacket Owned by Manager Frank DiLeo. Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

Can’t have anything pop related without the King of Pop in attendance now can we. A multitude of Michael Jackson’s items will be on sale thanks the pop-star’s manager, Frank Michael DiLeo. Fans of the 1987 record, Bad, can take their fandom to the next level with the ‘Bad World Tour Jacket’, estimated to sell at anywhere between $400 – $800.

Or if you’re looking for something more controversial, an original fax of Michael Jackson’s handwritten letter is also up for grabs. The letter proclaiming his innocence was personally owned by the singer and is estimated to be sold between $200 – $400.

Madonna Harper’s Bazaar Magazine 150th Anniversary Photo Shoot Worn Custom Black Lace & Tulle Cape. Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

Fans of Madonna on the other hand, may have to bring the bank with them. The American pop-star will feature a custom black lace & tulle cape on the site. The custom piece was worn by Madonna during the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine 150th Anniversary photo shoot. Estimated to be sold at a whopping $10,000 – $15,000, they don’t call her the ‘Queen of Pop’ for nothing.

Products associated with or worn by Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Lady Gaga & Rihanna, amongst other pop-stars, will also be available for purchase.


Pop culture has always had a special place for artwork, and now that place is Gotta Have Rock and Roll. Featuring artwork from your favourite artists and even an original piece for comic-book lovers, the artwork section is not one to glance over during this auction.

Stan Lee Signed “The Amazing Spider-Man” Cartoon Strip Print JSA LOA. Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

With their dominant performance at the box-office year in and year out, this Marvel piece is surprisingly estimated to be sold at a rather low bid. Stan Lee’s signed ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ cartoon strip is in “very good condition” and is determined to be sold between $200 – $400.

Norman Rockwell Signed Collection (3) JSA LOAs. Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

If you’re looking for a piece to balance out your contemporary art collection, the ‘Norman Rockwell Signed Collection’ may be right down your alley. Featuring three items, the collection is estimated to sell around the $200 – $400 mark, leaving you with enough to go out and celebrate your new addition.

Check out the rest of the artwork collection here.


With endless references in music and film, pop culture would be non-existent without sport. Whether you’re a fan of individual players, a team or just a collector, there is no shortage of vintage here.

Michael Jordan Handwritten & Signed College Love Letter with Original Photograph JSA LOA. Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

Fans of ‘His Airness’, Michael Jordan, may be in for a surprise as it is not attire that is being sold – but rather a love letter. Handwritten and signed by the basketball legend, his college love letter complete with a picture of the couple is up for grabs, estimated to be sold for $10,000 – $15,000.

1952 New York Yankees World Series Ticket (Game 4). Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

Look, if you just came home from a live sports match, keep the tickets. Quickly becoming a beloved item for collectors, there are a couple of iconic match ticket stubs available on the online auction. Fans of the Big Apple will be happy to know that Yankee tickets are among some of the available sporting items.

Hip Hop

While it is difficult to agree on a greatest top 50 list of hip hop artists, fans do manage to agree on one thing: you can never have too many collectables. West coast or east coast? You’re covered either way.

Tupac Shakur Signed Poem with Signed Envelope JSA Authenticated. Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

A signed poem from the west coast legend himself, Tupac Shakur, is up for grabs. Sticking true to his candid style, Pac uses colloquial language to convey one of his many deep messages. Estimated to be selling for $7,000 – $9,000, the poem is another part of the west coast legend’s cemented legacy.

Snoop Doggs Owned and Used Marijuana Grinder. Photo Credit: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

Sticking to the west coast theme, fans of the ‘Doggfather’ will be quick to jump on this item. Owned and used by Snoop Dogg himself, this marijuana grinder is sure to make your vices feel a whole lot smoother. The item will cost more than an eighth though, estimated to be sold for $2,000 – $4,000.

The hip hop lot also features plenty of autographed vinyls and merchandise, so be sure to check it out.

Other categories that are available in the auction include political/historical items, personally worn items, movie memorabilia and autographs – just to name a few. Even if you’re not looking to spend much, it’s worth a gaze over as there are some bargains available.

Check out their entire collection here.