Louis Vuitton Just Unveiled A Tiny Monogram Trunk AirPod Case

With the popularity of designer mini bags booming, designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Bottega Veneta have leveraged the opportunity to customise Apple’s very own AirPods cases.

These cross-marketing collaborations between brands such as Louis Vuitton and Apple show the power of cultural behemoths joining forces to cater towards a broader segment of the target market. That is, consumers who not only value high tech, but appreciate the exclusivity of a designer name emblazoned on their tech products. The collaboration of designer names with Apple products aims to eradicate the homogeneity of Apple products all looking and feeling the same. Instead, these collaborations could offer the buyer a unique value proposition for customisation they never knew they needed. Or do they?

Based on the luxury brand’s signature trunk design, Louis Vuitton has released a gold strap with the classic Louis Vuitton box casing, monogrammed pouch. It appears to emulate a mini over-the-shoulder bag. What’s awesome about the design is that it is also wearable as a necklace, a plurality of functions. No need to despair about losing your beloved AirPods! In terms of price, the case is placed at $995 as part of the LV’s SS20 womenswear accessories collection.

Now take a look at another example of an extravagant decked out AirPod case. The new gold Apple AirPods designed by Brikk. These babies, the Lux AirPod Classic Deluxe are estimated to be worth around $10,000 USD with two layers of 24k gold. Just a casual purchase.

Golden Apple AirPods Photo Credit: Brikk


Let’s be honest, this concept is flamboyance at its peak. On one hand, it elevates one’s cult boujee status for both respective brands making the ultimate statement. So, if being ostentatious is your thing, look no further. On the other hand, it’s just another quirky product conjured up to potentially divide consumers between the audacious and the mundane and create an uneasy state of one-upmanship. Then again, we presume that was always the intended purpose. It is designer after all and a sense of classiness is always a prerequisite.

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