Watch Kristen Stewart In Her New Film “Seberg”

Kristen Stewart’s breakthrough role as Bella Swan in the Twilight series did a serious discredit to her.  From starring in Snow White and the Huntsman alongside Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron to award winning film Still Alice  and most recently, Elizabeth Banks’s film Charlie’s Angels. Stewart’s most recent role is for Amazon Original, titled “Seberg.”

Eleven years after Twilight’s release, Stewart has cemented herself as a confident and talented member of the LGBTQI community with an incredible acting range. Her latest role sees her playing Jean Seberg in a political thriller directed by Benedict Andrews.

It is based upon the true story of 1960s icon Jean Seberg, who was a supporter of the Black Panther Party which was a political organisation that attempted to combat police brutality. As a result, Seberg was illegally targeted by the FBI Surveillance program: COINTELPRO which has been blamed for the rapid deterioration of her mental health and her descent into (probable) suicide.

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Stewart has been heavily acclaimed by critics for her role, Zachareck of Time Magazine writes that she is “amongst the greatest actresses of her day” and “exudes the bold shimmering presence of a woman in pain.” Just a short glimpse at the film through the trailer already displays Stewart’s bewildering performance.

Watching Stewart’s performances over the last decade has been a privilege to her audience, especially as she shrugs off the role of Bella Swan and has assumed more challenging, complex characters.

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