Time To Be A Jedi On The ‘Star Wars’ Themed Boeing 737 Plane

Just when you think the Stars Wars franchise can’t get any better, United has launched a custom “Star Wars” themed Boeing 737-800 plane which was launched in November. The Rise of Skywalker approaches and United Airlines has created the perfect celebration to anticipate the new film’s release on December 20.

Picture this. You’re boarding a plane wrapped in a Star Wars poster with lightsabers on either side. As you enter the plane, the Star Wars theme song bellows through the plane’s speakers. Rey, Poe, Yoda and Chewbacca give an in-flight safety demo as you comfortably settle into a chair that patterns emblems of the Resistance of the First Order.

Amenity kits are franchised with the Rise of Skywalker. As you gaze out towards the clouds, you are enveloped in the iconic intergalactic theme music. For all you Star Wars aficionados, childhood fantasies of boarding a Millennium Falcon will be satiated with this new extravaganza. Sounds enticing?

Exclusive benefits such as special screenings are available to United Airlines MileagePlus members who utilise their frequent flyer mileage.

According to Mark Krolick, United’s Vice President of Marketing,

“United Airlines and the ‘Star Wars’ franchise share a common goal: connect people and unite the world.”

Stormtroopers on new “Star Wars” themed plane Source: Insider

The plane will be flying between Canada, Central America, US as well as the Caribbean. In order to book a flight, passengers look up the aircraft’s tail number, N36272.  The rise of the custom Boeing 737-800 plane is proof of humanity’s creativity to turn utilitarian amenities into a creative spectacular.

The Stars Wars custom plane blurs the boundaries between utilitarian and entertainment purposes. A Star-Wars gamification. United is surely capitalising on the anticipated Rise of Skywalker movie. Even though the plane doesn’t travel at lightning speed, check out the “Fly the Friendly” safety video from United’s official website dedicated to the franchise.

As long as there is no in-theme turbulence at 36,000 feet related to the The Resistance or the First Order, sign me up! May the Boeing Force be with you.