5 Specailized Streaming Services To Combat The Disney+ Trainwreck

I’m in an uncomfortable position… I’ve been leeching off my Neighbours Netflix account for the past three years and they’ve just moved houses so I assume I can’t use it anymore! So I did some digging to find some alternatives for those who need more choices in what to watch.

Photo Credit: LifeHacker

SBS On Demand

Photo Credit: SBS

People have been sleeping on SBS on Demand for years. One of the widest ranges of programming on any service and it’s completely free, all you have to do is sign up with an email and you’re ready to watch. Have your choice from International Film to local homegrown tv-series, feeling hungry why not load up some episodes of ‘Poh’s Kitchen’ and get experimental. Looking to flex on the local pensioners at next week’s Trivia night why not watch a ten-part series on the battle of Agincourt to prepare, SBS on Demands got you covered.



Crunchy Roll

Photo Credit: CrunchyRoll

This one’s for all the Weebs out there, if you haven’t heard of Crunchy Roll it’s the premium Anime-streaming service. It boasts an insane line-up of Anime that is constantly updated sometimes up to one hour after it’s been premiered in Japan. No more need to deal with standard-definition-off-shoot-sketchy websites, all the anime is in HD with full subtitling or dubbing on a plethora of different shows. Heard that the Manga for ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’ is better than the Anime? Crunchy Roll has got you covered with a library stocked full of the hottest Manga sweeping Japan. For $7.99 a month its worth every penny.


Love Nature

Photo Credit: Love Nature

When I was eight years old, I wanted a pet Ferret, my mother promptly denied me that honour and directed me to the tv where I was able to watch a documentary about them. At the time it felt good enough, and you can experience that too with the streaming service Love Nature. The service costs only $4.99 a month or $39.99 for an annual subscription, for 4K streaming with no ads for awe-inspiring nature documentaries. I’ve cancelled my airfares to Africa because the feel of a safari is available from my living room.


Acorn TV

Photo Credit: Acorn TV

I’ve had this issue where I wake up on a Sunday morning my head is pounding from the night before and the only cure, are classic episodes of ‘Doc Martin’ luckily for me, there is Acorn TV. The definitive collection of British and Australian programming is available for $6.99 a month streamed in crystal clear HD with no ads. They offer brand new BBC dramas, take a trip to the early 00ies with Aussie shows like ‘Cold Feet’ or pick from a stack of Acorn TV originals.

Shout! Factory TV

Photo Credit: Shout TV

Knowledge is power, but references to obscure 80’s television is the illusion of knowledge which is the illusion of power – so it’s a good thing that Shout! Factory TV is the classic spot for all the old school 80’s tv you could want. You’ll need Apple TV or an equivalent to access the service but it’s worth it for $2.99 USD. They offer special marathon screenings of classic 80’s movies or themes like Kaiju Month, or VHS Vault a selection of movies your parents definitely rented from the local Video store in 1984. Not to mention every episode of ‘Mystery Science Theatre 3000′ and if you’re unaware of what that is, get on it!

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