Okay Dane Dish Out Slacker Punk Gore On New Single ‘Headache’

Melbourne alternative rock trio Okay Dane deliver the goods with new thrash punk tunes ‘Headache’ and soon to be released EP Alienation. 

Melbourne Alt-Punk trio Okay Dane

Jake Kougioumtzis (Guitar, Vocals) Liam Cameron-Smith (Bass) Nathan Winn (Drums) are the three gentlemen behind punk outfit Okay Dane.

After releasing their raucous guitar driven track ‘Pretend’ in early 2019, Okay Dane are set to show some new tunes and embark on another tour to finish off the year.

With their fast paced punk guitar riffs combined with slurry rhythmic chorus chimes, Okay Dane present a head banging ruckus that makes you release all that inner bottled up catharsis in new tune ‘Headache’.

The start of the music video shows the band’s sense of humour, parodying a Playschoolesque film set. The song kicks off with a whirlpool guitar suction which pulls you in for a ride. The video really captures the band’s slacker punk style, showing the trio demolish the film set which matches the chaotic yet joyful aesthetic of the song’s composition.

Okay Dane teamed up with collaborator/director Nathan Klooger to bring ‘Headache’ to life.

According to the band:

The video for ‘Headache’ is a total riot and it matches the lyrical content of the song perfectly. With the childish nature of some of the lyrics, it made a lot of sense to place this video in a children’s show. It was cathartic to completely obliterate our faux-play school set! The video was filmed and directed by Nathan Klooger, who assisted on the ‘Pretend’ video, and we had some cast from ‘Pretend’ returning as well for this video.” 

With their first EP underway, Okay Dane are proud to say it is a defining first effort as a group.

“Alienation has a lot of firsts for us. It’s the first project where we’ve indulged our punk influences and played things faster and louder. It’s also got our most vulnerable and laidback song on it too. It was good to explore all these sounds while continuing to develop the grungy slacker style we had established on ‘Pretend’.”

Check out their previous thrash moshing single ‘Pretend’  below:

Alienation was recorded at Homesurgery Recordings and is set to be released on Friday the 29th of November. Okay Dane are ready to let loose anarchic fun, they are a rock band on the horizon that oozes punk brilliance of such Aussie bands like Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays and Dear Seattle. Go check them out right now!


Friday, November 29th Bar Open, Melbourne

with Doonie Way, Signs and Symbols, Tina Growls 

You can purchase tickets to the Launch show here.

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