Jaden Smith’s Clean Water And Sanitation Crusade

It’s always encouraging to see renowned figures take on issues related to the environment by utilising their platform for maximum potential. In this particular case, Jaden Smith contributes to the cultural fabric with his eco-entrepreneurial venture into clean water and sanitation.

Photo Credit: Hollis Johnson, Business Insider

Smith’s goal is to utilise tech to solve problems related to the clean water crisis. His new documentary (expected to release in December) titled “Brave Blue World” features other water activists and entrepreneurs (such as Gary White and Paul O’Callaghan) and their insight into the people who lack access to clean drinking water around the world and how it’s arguably the most pressing issue that the world continues to encounter. The purpose of innovative new tech is to salvage access to clean water and re-think how we manage our water and sustainability. By 2040, it is estimated that the world won’t have access to clean drinking water, thus emphasising the importance of tech start-ups and innovations to push back and remedy this universal issue.

Jaden Smith explained that there is an educational barrier about the issue of clean water access which is hindering an apathetic world from taking action. Gary White is the co-founder of Water.org, empowering millions of people in regard to accessing safe water and sanitation, which can ultimately break the cycle of poverty. Water.org has allegedly reached over 20 million people in Asia, Africa and Latin America where 1 in 9 people on the planet lack access to safe water with around 2 billion people lacking access to sanitation.

The documentary “Brave Blue World” focuses primarily on people in developing countries who are predominately affected by the water crisis. When speaking to 2019 Web Summit in Lisbon, Jaden Smith said,

“Water has always been important to me, ever since I was eleven-years old and I started learning about the environment and I started learning about oceans, plastics, CO2, all the different gyros of plastic in the Pacific, it really impacted me at a young age and I really wanted to make a difference and get out there and somehow get into the conversation of water, sanitation and sustainability.

So, at the age of eleven, that’s when I started JUST Water, the company. It’s 82% made out of renewable resources and it’s 72% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to any of our competitors in a similar size. I started that at the age of eleven with Drew FitzGerald and that’s how we really got into water and caring and understanding how important it is.”

After seeking counsel from his idol Elon Musk, Jaden Smith professes his mission to be an overall creator, entrepreneur, designer and architect, shadowing in Musk’s footsteps. No simple feat, but tangible given his co-venture JUST Water: spring water is estimated to be worth a valuation of $US100 million. In an interview with Complex, Jaden Smith professed, “I’m an inventor. And Elon Musk is my idol and I’m not gonna stop until I’m like Elon Musk.” His goal is to translate Musk’s approach to eco-friendly Tesla into his water ventures.

The purpose of the documentary “Brave Blue World” is to heighten awareness and raise global consciousness, leading to action. It aims to portray an optimistic future about water, the world’s most valuable resource. What’s super enlightening is that the documentary doesn’t just merely raise awareness, but it offers tangible solutions from a plethora collective of experts. Paul O’Callaghan, executive producer and founder of BlueTech Research claimed,

“This is a huge milestone for us. The Brave Blue World documentary is a collaboration and celebration of the scientific and technology advancements that have been taking place, often behind the scenes, to deliver to water services.”

The Hollywood premiere on 16th December is the next step for “The Brave Blue World” journey slated to showcase at the Paramount Theatre, Los Angeles. Just when you think the young 21 year old is busy enough, Smith is also cofounder of 501cthree.org , which provides mobile filtration systems to Flint, purifying 10 gallons of water every 60 seconds, removing lead from the water and ultimately saving lives. It seems like Jaden’s mission and upcoming documentary “Brave Blue World” emphasises the importance of lateral thinking and alternative approaches towards innovation. For instance, Water.org’s adopted micro-financing approach accentuates how people in need of water should be perceived as an opportunity and “market”, rather than a problem or hindrance.

It is clear that Jaden’s endeavours (alongside his notable cofounders and collaborators) will continue to help save the planet, one water droplet at a time.

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