Luxury Meets Street As Dior and Stüssy Announce Collaboration

After rumours and back-alley whispering, it has been confirmed via Instagram that the Dior and Stüssy collaboration is very real, with more details than you may think.

Photo Credit: Trnds

Shawn Stussy took to Instagram to confirm the speculation, and announce he was coming out of retirement to work on the collaborative project with Creative Director of Dior Homme Kim Jones, to create a product that would divert somewhat from the typical Stüssy ‘streetwear’ moving the brand to a some-what unfamiliar direction.

This will be the first time in over a decade the brand founder will return to work with the eponymous company. Stussy who spoke with Women’s Wear Daily in Paris said:

“I was just in a good place in my adventure, and he’s [Kim Jones] in a good place, and the stars just seemed to kind of line up. And if I’m going to come out for a last hurrah, why not with Dior? That’s the way I look at it. It’s the very top of the top. I have nothing but respect.”

Jones also expressed his excitement to work with another youth fashion label, creating a link to street culture and fine arts like he has with his other projects including KAWS, Raymond Pettibon and Daniel Arsham. “I used to wear it head-to-toe all the time in my teens. It was something I was really, really, really obsessed by. I’ve [still] got boxes of it,” the fashion pioneer said while speaking with WWD.

“For me to work with someone like Shawn is a real honour. He’s an artist, that’s the thing. If you can work that line like that, and it’s that memorable, it’s like an artist. That’s why I wanted to do it with him: he’s made an iconic image with his hand,” said Jones in relation to the iconic Stüssy logo.

Both Parties took to Instagram to confirm the partnership and instructing fans to stay tuned to the Dior Mens Pre-Fall fashion show 2020.

It seems we have a small dose of the collection with images leaking online of potential products. The iconic Stüssy type-face has been applied to the Dior name and is used on both a cap and polo shirt. As well as a classic Tee that states ‘I want to shock the world with Dior’ evoking the classic skate-park style. The final image features a bandana that screams the French fashion houses name repeatedly.

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