Take A Look At Santa With Animals For Some Seasonal Wholesomeness

The holiday season is great for many reasons, but if you’ve found yourself mindlessly scrolling through the internet to avoid being asked invasive questions from your relatives, or simply need a dose of merry wholesomeness; then we’ve got the article for you. 

Photo Credit: Pngtube

For two years I have tried to convince my parents to let me get a cat! I’m hoping this article will get them to love cats as much as I do! If you make it through this article without going  aw once, I am very concerned.

I mean just look at this grumpy confused face!


This is one very happy Santa!


This cat has the cutest colours!

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All I want for hiss-mas is you

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This one even has a bow!


There are TWO cats!!


What a very gorgeous, chunky cat.


And this is just the cutest cat of them all!


To appease the opposition, here are some pictures of Santa with dogs!

Look who it is! Santa! And a very adorable dog!


This dog looks slightly confused! Very gorgeously confused though.


Is your heart melting yet?


Look at this! TWO dogs!


If you wanted to, you could even recreate these photos with you own pet! I guarantee when I finally get a cat, I will be doing this!

Brb, going to try convincing my parents that we need a cat, again!