Everything You Need To Know About Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2020

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the year, if not for the glimmering designs and fabulous models, then certainly for the utterly cosmopolitan atmosphere.  

Photo Credit: The Zine

This year, MBFWA will take place from the 11th-15th of May at Carriage works in Sydney, produced by FOCUS, IMG’s full-service creative and event Production Company. As it’s Australia’s only international fashion event, MBFWA welcomes more than 25,000 global visitors and lovers of fashion over it’s five day period.

The Mercedes-Benz Presents: 25 Years of Australian Fashion show will run on Monday 11th and, for the first time ever, offer an encore presentation allowing consumers to purchase tickets to the week’s premier headline event.

The fashion event is taking new strides to validate the importance of the consumer by offering MBFWA: The Experience. As part of the experience, the general public are able to purchase tickets to a selection of resort 2021 shows, will be invited to attend seminars and special events scheduled throughout the week, and be privy to many a VIP experiences.

This shift in focus pulls the consumer to center-stage, or center-catwalk, I suppose.

The illustrious show’s Creative Director, Tony Assness, will be overseeing the 2020 event. Extravagant Sydney parties, Myer’s snowstorm parade, and naked models wrapped in bubble wrap, may be some of the shows and events that come to mind when you think of Mr Tony Assness.

Back in 2012, Assness told the Sydney Morning Herald that to him, “There is no difference between high art or low art. I treat the back row of the NRL Grand Final in the same way I’d treat the front row at the Sydney Theatre. Great theatre should be an event and great events are great theatre.”

If there’s anything to be said about the landmark MBFWA shows in the past; you can be certain it’ll be an event to remember with Tony backing it.

The show is set to ‘celebrate the past, present and future of Australian fashion’ while encompassing the essence of Australian design.

Photo Credit: Fashionnetwork.net

“The opportunities provided by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia have launched many talented individuals and brands onto the world stage. We’re all looking forward to an exciting show in 2020 that will star some of the great names of the past 25 years and remind everyone what an accomplished fashion industry we have here in Australia,” said Horst von Sanden, CEO and Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific.

While we’ve yet to receive news on Thursday’s show, we do know that Tigerlily and Ginger & Smart are set to present their collections on Tuesday and Wednesday, while Steven Khalil will showcase his collection on Friday.

Designer Steven Khalil said; “I am very much looking forward to being the closing night designer, and also to share a new chapter for my brand with both existing and new clients.”

Designer show experiences range from $119 to $349, with seminars prices at $59. You can find the MBFWA: The Experience packages here.

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