Trend Report 88: The Designer Brands and the Creative Directors That Defined the Last Decade

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In our ever accelerating times, keeping ahead of the latest breaking news and trends from the world’s of fashion, music, film, art, tech, activism, is a time consuming daily challenge ? Sure the information is all out there, but it is a time consuming ordeal to scan all the necessary sources. As Darwin said survival depends on how quickly you can adapt.

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In today’s PODCAST FIB’s Trend Report No 88 I want to look back at the Brands & Creative Directors That Defined the Last Decade.

Global Fashion Ecom Consignment Site ‘TheRealReal’ crunched the numbers and the data doesn’t lie.

With a new decade beginning, luxury consignment experts The RealReal shared their resale retrospective for the previous decade. The company has taken data from millions of items sold to millions of shoppers to round up the top brands and trends in luxury resale over the past 10 years.

According to The RealReal COO Rati Levesque, streetwear solidified its place in the world of luxury, while over-the-stop styles ruled the decade. It should come as little surprise that Supreme dominated the 2010s as the luxury brand with the strongest resale value, besting the likes of Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex, just to name a few.

While creative directors seem to come and go as quickly as trends themselves, a few in particular stood out in the 2010s for bringing added value to their respective brand. Kim Jones, for one, made Dior 5.2 times more valuable, followed by Daniel Lee at Bottega Veneta and Riccardo Tisci at Burberry. The RealReal notes that Virgil Abloh made Louis Vuitton 2.6 times more valuable, coming in just behind Tisci.

Throughout the 2010s we saw constant shifts in the most popular luxury brands and a push for sustainability. This gave environmentally friendly labels such as Stella McCartney 1.5 times stronger resale value. In the retrospective, The RealReal points out that the future of shopping is sustainable.

See below for some of the standout metrics from The RealReal’s decade data report, including the brands with the strongest resale value, the creative directors making brands more valuable, and the top contemporary luxury brands by year.

Find the full report here.

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