Everything We Know About The Upcoming Kendrick Lamar Biography: ‘The Butterfly Effect’

It’s almost been three years since his last studio album, and once again everybody better sit their b*tch ass down and listen to this true motherf*cking story told by Kendrick Lamar (well, not really) on Rosecrans, ya b*tch.

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Kung Fu Kenny. K. Dot. Cornrow Kenny. Good Kid. However you refer to the artist, you’re going to have to let it slide – just for October 13. Written by music journalist, Marcus J. Moore, The Butterfly Effect will introduce us to Kendrick Lamar Duckworth – the person.

Revered by many as one of the greatest artists of all time,  the upcoming biography is said to have been in the writing process for two years and is now set for an October release.

The Butterfly Effect

Photo Credit: BET

The greatest ‘year’ for hip hop is in constant debate amongst fans. Was it ’98 with Aquemini and Vol. 2…, or was it 2016 with The Life of Pablo and The Sun’s Tirade. Whatever the case, good music always manages to stick around and influence the sound.

To Pimp A Butterfly stuck around.

Released in 2015, the second studio album from Kendrick Lamar helped spearhead the Black Lives Matter movement, touching on everything from racial inequality, police brutality, depression and ‘Uncle Sam’. Culturally, the project was cemented in history and for many, this put Kendrick on the Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop.

“It’s the definitive account of his coming-of-age as an artist, his resurrection of two languishing genres (bebop and jazz), his profound impact on a racially fraught America, and his emergence as the bona fide King of Rap.” – Marcus J. Moore on The Butterfly Effect

From a musical standpoint, it was daring. Blending jazz instruments together with traditional hip hop wasn’t happening every other day in 2015, let alone today. But it worked. At least for the late David Bowie.

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

While working on his final album, Blackstar, David Bowie revealed that Lamar’s “open-mindedness” had been a major influence on his work.

“We were listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar […] We wound up with nothing like that, but we loved that Kendrick was so open-minded and that he didn’t do a straight-up hip-hop record ” – Producer Tony Visconti via Rolling Stone.

As a hip hop fan, it’s impossible to deny the influence the 32-year-old artist has had. From chanting lyrics at protests to being mentioned amongst the greats, he’s managed to do it on his own terms.

Partnering up with Marcus J. Moore, Kendrick Lamar is ready to let us step into his brain for one second.

The Butterfly Effect is available for pre-order here.

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