Introducing The Paul G Roberts ‘The Future’ Podcast!

Here at FIB, we’re serious about giving our readers the latest is trends and breaking news from the worlds of fashion, music, film, art, tech, and activism.

Which is why we’re super excited to share our CEO’s brand new podcast; The Future, with all our FIB readers. In our ever accelerating times, keeping ahead of the news and emerging trends is a time consuming challenge. That’s why The Future podcast is perfect for everyone who wants to stay in the loop without spending hours scrolling through multiple sites.

Have a listen to breaking trends from around the world while you work out, on your commute to work, while cooking, or even while grocery shopping, on any affiliated podcasting app.

You can listen the first six special episodes available today, covering everything from AI Gym Experiences to Mobile Phone Commerce in 2020.

As Darwin said survival depends on how quickly you can adapt.The future belongs to those who prepare today.

CLICK the link to subscribe and listen to The Future today!