Sage Stuns In Her Enchanting Debut Single ‘From Dust’ Music Review

If your ears are searching for a soothing place to escape to then Sage presents a lovely song on her very debut, ‘From Dust’  which is the first taste of her upcoming EP Tethered
Photo Credit: Sage

Seconds into the song you are taken aback astounded in how Sage enacts mixed emotions of warmth and melancholy in her debut single ‘From Dust’. Not many artists or new artists embark on a folk song that is purely raw and melodic. For a Sage however, she does this surprisingly well in her very first debut and the intricacies of this song is rare.

In a gentle and intimate way, the song is about reflection.

We are invited instantly into a deep reflection, ‘Oh darling where’ve you been? Lost deep inside the seams? I’m searching the skies to find you.’ From there, you are captured by the charm of Sage’s voice and remain to ponder deeply where the song will take you next.



The film clip for ‘From Dust’ is a lovely visual representation of the song. Sage captures the idyllic places that demonstrates the track’s graceful, and sentimental instrumentation, with a colourful overlay of vintage hues.

An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Sage’s voice is complimented by her enchanting cello throughout the song. Sage sings a nostalgic lament of a perfect relationship that ended too soon. On the premise of the song, Sage comments:

“This song is about soulmates, innocence, memories, and endless love. It’s one of those miracle songs that was written in no time at all by myself in my run-down apartment. When I sing this song, I think about the movie Stardust. At the end of the film the two star-crossed lovers, having lived a full and beautiful life together, pass away and become stars in the sky, their love living on forever and shining over everyone. There’s longing involved, but also hope.”

Sage isn’t wrong when she references her song having  a liking to the fantasy film Stardust. InFrom Dust’ we do hear the fairy tale imagery of stars and souls being entwined eternally togetherThere is definitely a sense of those medieval romantic ballads like Lancelot and Guinevere from the tales of King Arthur or the romantic tale Tristan and Isolde that could be imagined in Sage’s song.  In her well crafted folk ballad debut, Sage’s sentimental and illuminating vocals invites soulmates into a gorgeous, ethereal meander and from there escape to another other-worldly place. 

The artwork single for ‘From Dust’ photo credit: Sage

Sage’s forthcoming debut Tethered is a glorious, sun-soaked triumph of arresting folk-pop. 

Sage’s expected Tethered is due out in under a month’s time and we will be more than please to listen to more ethereal cello and poetic musings. For those who are fans of Angus and Julia Stone and Joni Mitchell, you will be drawn and encapsulated to Sage’s music.

On her upcoming EP Tethered Sage explains,

“This EP was a cleansing process of feelings I wanted to get out of my system through music.  The concept behind Tethered was to write a collection of songs about things that can hold us back and keep us tethered to our place in life, in the hopes of understanding these experiences and learning to let go.  Feeling stuck is a terrible thing so I always try to change and improve.”
Sage’s EP Tethered is set for release on February 27.


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