Fill Your Face Holes With Rick and Morty X Krispy Kreme

I always thought the goo in Rick and Morty looked tasty, so today the Fashion Industry Broadcast team and I got to live that dream, with Krispy Kreme announcing a collaboration with the Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland mega-hit animated series Rick and Morty.

From February 18 until March 16, three flavours and a shake will be available from Krispy Kreme stores across the country. Unfortunately, those who get there KK fix from 7-Eleven, BP or Jesters service stations will be out of luck, cause ‘that’s how the news goes’. Available in three misadventure flavours the promotion has something for everyone.  The doughnuts are individually  $3.60 each, $12.95 for a four-pack and $27.95 for a dozen, whereas the Fleeb Juice shake is worth $7.

As soon as the office heard the news, we jumped on Uber Eats and ordered a box to give you the details on what riggty-riggty-wrecked and what is Jerry level of ordinary. First off the box has been given a makeover now showcasing a sleek black colouration, depicting protagonists leaving a portal to giving the impression that these doughnuts came from another dimension, cause there is no way ours is worthy.

The box is littered with references to characters being sucked into portals, like Summer, Jerry and Beth, but fan favourites Mr.Poopy-Butthole, Mr. Meseeks, Tinkles the white lamb, Squanchy, Snuffles, Morty Jr (Morty’s Gazorpian Child) and a plumbous are all floating through space. See-through panels display the new flavoured products inside, aesthetically the box got full wubba-lubba-dub-dub’s from our crew.

But how did they taste? Unfortunately, there was no Szechuan flavour but we are graced with three new doughnuts flavours, so Krispy Kreme “Show me what you got!”

First up was Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie ‘dipped in strawberry truffle, and with vanilla crème, Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie Doughnut is topped with a white choc and crushed wafer disc.’  The design is quite simple with its chocolate wafer featuring Mr.Poopy-buttholes hat stamped into its design. Although it sounds very impressive, one bite and your mouth is greeted with an ungodly amount of cream, and an overpowering strawberry flavour, if you’re into artificial strawberry taste or really sweet desserts, this is for you. Though you may be like some members of staff and not be able to taste any strawberry, so this may be your perfect fit.

Next was Strawberry Smiggle “Original Glazed Doughnut with strawberry filling, and hand dipped in white choc truffle. Finished with mini marshmallows, meringue pieces and coloured sprinkles” This may have been one of the more boring options if not for the strawberry filling, which has a rich jam-like consistency. The toppings have no taste and if I didn’t read the description I wouldn’t know there were multiple types of toppings. The Design feels a little strange, it is an obscure reference to the famous Intergalactical Cable episodes but that’s only with help of the official Krispy Kreme website, on first inspection, it looks more like an item released for Easter. Maybe leave this one for the Tiny Ricks of the world, those kids will go mad for the design.

Finally the coupe-de-gras, The Pickle Rick, “Filled with mouth-watering lemon crème, dipped in white choc truffle, with a white choc ‘Pickle Rick’.” The reference that got real old, real quick had to make an appearance on this doughnut, but collectively the office thought in this instance, it was incredibly welcome. Green is usually not the most appetising colour, it makes me think of that awkward phase where Heinz made their tomato sauce green. Take caution when you bite into this bad boy you will get a large mouthful of green goop flavoured as lemon and honestly, I would drink the stuff if I could. It’s sweet its a little sour but for a promotional item, this exceeds my expectations.

While that’s the Doughnuts done and dusted, we also treated ourselves and tried the Fleeb Juice Milkshake.  “A delicious combination of fresh milk, ice cream and delicious blue heaven and raspberry flavoured syrups, blended in our traditional Milkshake mixer. Made Fresh in-store.” Honestly, you could skip this one, it’s a Blue Haven with extra steps. The Rasberry at the bottom of the drink is a tasty touch, and the esthetic is on-brand, a few members couldn’t bare to finish this one.

If you tried the Rick and Morty X Krispy Kreme collab, let us know your thoughts below!