Aussie Celebrities’ Message To The Prime Minister in Viral “Dear Scotty” Campaign

Aussie celebrities are urging Scott Morrison to act on climate change in a new viral video distributed by Greenpeace. 

Photo Credit: Tweed Daily News

Greenpeace released a new campaign “Dear Scotty”; a bushfire intervention video with bushfire survivors and Australian celebrities urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take action on moving to renewable energy to prevent bushfires.

Aussie celebrities including actor Simon Baker, musician Julia Stone, footy player Dyson Heppell and radio host Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald in the new video asked the Scott Morrison to make changes to the nation’s energy policies.

The video begins with “Dear Scotty”, referring to the Prime Minister before bushfire survivors young and old stood in front of their homes, asking the Prime Minister: “You’re a family man; what world do you want your daughters growing up in?”

The message from Green Peace’s “Dear Scotty” campaign stands in unity with the Australian community to call for leadership in tackling Climate Change, pleading Mr Morrison to act in the best interests of the wider Australian community by embracing renewable energy so Australia stops falling behind with the rest of the world.

Photo Credit: Noosa news

“Other countries are leading the charge and we need to act now”, say the survivors.

“It’s no longer ok to do the bare minimum. You wouldn’t want this for your family. You wouldn’t expect that from us.”

Greenpeace Australia Pacific senior campaigner Nathaniel Pelle said; “People have lost their lives, families have lost their homes and koalas have been burnt alive all over Australia. In our cities, our kids have at times been forced to breathe the most polluted air in the world.”

Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull also took to Twitter to retweet a tweet that stated; “If net zero emissions was not achieved by 2050, the planet will be uninhabitable for billions of people”, according to Tweed Daily News.

It is clear that everyone is feeling the devastating impacts of the coal-fuelled bushfire crisis, we need Scott Morrison needs to start acting for the future of all Australians by leading our nation to using renewable energies. Check out the new Greenpeace video or make your own  “Dear Scotty” video to help spread the message.