NYFW Environmental Impact Report Set To Ensure We Care About Fashion AND Global Warming

An Environmental Impact Report is underway to analyse the carbon footprint left by international fashion weeks and take action for serious change.

Photo Credit: Photo by Shutterstock 

We’re told to care about fashion AND the environment, but it all gets a bit muddled when they’ve almost always been at war with each other. Fashion weeks are wrapping up in various global locations, but the big bad New York Fashion Week left the strongest impression.

What was different about it this year? The designers, producers and every little factor that made up the entire event was scrutinised with intent: what kind of impact does this week, or internationally celebrated month, have on our environment?

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) is teaming up with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to provide us with an environmental impact study. While the research will primarily look at NYFW and their sole impact, it will be indicative of fashion events as a whole and will surely (we can only pray and hope) force designers and event planners to take serious action in their endeavours to reduce our carbon foot print.

“It is imperative that the global fashion industry addresses climate change and the impact of fashion week on the environment,” said Steven Kolb, CEO and president of the CDFA, in conversation with WWD.

“Fashion shows are vital to the creative process of a designer. Given New York Fashion Week is global fashion’s largest ecosystem, the CFDA felt it was important to lead and supportively guide the fashion industry towards positive change,” said Kolb.

It only makes sense that a week jam-packed with trend-setting guidance, and how-to’s for the upcoming fashion season, make a stance in the trending call for action on our warming globe.

Managing director, partner and global head of luxury at BCG, Sarah Willersdorf told WWD that, “Sustainability is finally at the top of the fashion industry’s agenda, and a priority topic for BCG. We look forward to helping the CFDA become an industry leader on this topic, delivering innovative, impactful guidelines to all stakeholders in the NYFW ecosystem on how to integrate sustainability practices into their strategies and activations.”

The report and Playbook for Positive Change won’t be revealed until April, in order to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Earth Month.

The results may bring shocking revelations and highlight the misdemeanours conducted by the industry, but what truly matters are the steps to follow. How will the fashion industry implement notions to provoke change? Will we notice a shift in the ever-evolving cultural world of fashion? Each and every designer has to be on board with the plan to reduce our carbon footprint to make noticeable change, and it sure will be interesting to see who jumps ship.

April, let’s see what you’ve got to say.

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