Netflix Teases Ozark Season 3, And It Looks Crazy Intense

The third season of the Netflix crime drama Ozark is on its way, and the recent trailer raises more questions than we knew to ask.

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Netflix has just dropped a trailer for Ozark Season 3, and it looks… pretty damn intense.

Ozark stars Jason Bateman in the lead role as Marty Byrde, a resourceful financial advisor who launders money for a powerful Mexican drug cartel, and finds himself entangled in its dangerous underworld after a laundering scheme goes terribly wrong. Under the direction of the cartel, he relocates his family to the Missouri Ozarks, where he struggles to keep up with the cartel’s demands as well as the new criminal locals he crosses paths with. Despite his background in comedy, Bateman has boasted a compelling performance in the darker-than-usual role. As well as acting, Bateman also directs much of the show, which won him an Emmy. 

The show had well-established the dark tone of the series from the beginning. Over the course of Seasons 1 and 2, we see Marty’s step-by-step attempts to appease retaliating criminals, with things becoming more and more life threatening for both Marty and his family as unexpected problems surface. Marty is basically faced with a new problem to solve in every episode, which continuously tests his intelligence and well-being.

In Season 2, Marty’s course of action was to set up a casino in order to launder endless amounts of money for the cartel. As expected, plot details of the upcoming season are kept under wraps, but if you watch the show, it’s easy to tell from the trailer that things are about to absolutely hit the fan for Marty. Yes, more so than the previous seasons.

Season 3: What To Expect

While Marty has successfully started the casino, things somehow aren’t looking up.

The Season 3 trailer shows glimpses of Marty’s own wife, Wendy (portrayed by Laura Linney), supposedly pointing a gun at him, a session with a marriage counsellor, as well as Marty being captured and tortured by the cartel. There’s some clear betrayal going on, which isn’t new to the show. But it definitely suggests the hopeless fate for Marty’s crumbling family, and the cartel’s wrath growing more menacing than ever.

The Netflix trailer description on YouTube says:

“The Byrdes are back in business and the stakes have never been higher. As tensions mount surrounding their new casino, The Missouri Belle, Marty and Wendy struggle to balance their family’s safety with the growing success of their money laundering empire.”

Ozark has maintained a solid response from viewers and decent reviews from critics, though in my opinion, it’s still criminally overlooked (fine, pun intended). No, it’s not Breaking Bad like most would compare it to, but that’s why it’s unique. It has a consistently ominous and gripping tone, and Jason Bateman sure as hell pulls off the role. The season ahead looks dark as hell and I love it.

Season 3 drops on Netflix on 27 March. 

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