Rihanna’s ‘Fenty House’ For Upcoming TikTok Users

From making TikToks in your room to taking a trip down to Rihanna’s house, we’re all one step closer.

Photo Credit: Complex

It’s been four years since ANTi dopped and honestly at this point we’d be lucky to even receive a new Rihanna ad-lib. Fans have been begging and pleading with the pop star to release some new music, and finally we may have reached a compromise (maybe more than that) –  a stay at RIhanna’s house.

Now she’s not exactly looking for roommates or new friends. Basically, RIhanna’s criteria includes the following: TikTok. The pop star is looking to harvest the upcoming breed of content creators – specifically those on TikTok.

After purchasing a new house in LA, the NAACP Award Winner announced that the new ‘Fenty House’ will be vacated by upcoming TikTok talent. She continued by saying that she “just wanted to create a platform for the next wave of content creators”. Whether they prefer to perform the ‘renegade’ or opt for more niche content, users will be able to collaborate with one another in the Fenty House.

Hype House. Photo Credit: The New York Times

Sure, it’s been done before. Take the TikTok Hype House for example which houses over a dozen ‘tiktokers’, including 17-year-old Lil Huddy and 21-year-old YouTube Star Thomas Petron. Launched by a Beijing-based company, the app has brought together content creators, surrounding themselves with one another.

But with Rihanna backing the trend now, the ceiling for TikTok and content creators has been broken. “Our generation is the sickest, the illest, the most creative” Rihanna said while announcing the upcoming ‘house of content’. So far the house currently features talents from Emmy Combs, Challan Trishann, Savannah Palacio and Makayla.

Let’s face it, everything Rihanna’s touched in the last few years has taken off. From Fenty Beauty to Savage X Fenty, the pop star has been dipping her hand into everything non-music related (unfortunately) and the content-creation game is another goldmine waiting to be taken advantage of.

Of course, not everyone will be fortunate enough to join the current members of the Fenty House but you can keep up with the all the happenings in the house here.

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