TV Survival Guide: The 20 Best Shows to Binge While You’re in Lockdown

As business and operations close down left right and centre, and people either choose to or are forced to self-isolate, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to get you through it with the best streaming services have to offer. No matter which you use, we’ve got you covered.
So here it is, Fashion Industry Broadcast’s Coronavirus Lockdown Survival Guide:




Schitt’s Creek- 5 seasons

Set in the fictional town of Schitt’s Creek, this show is the perfect blend of hilarious and poignant. It follows the lives of the Rose family, who are forced to leave their glamorous New York lifestyle to relocate to the town they once bought as a joke. As the Rose’s meet the locals of Schitt’s Creek and get a tour of the town, you soon realise that there are much worse places to be quarantined.

Schitt’s Creek. Credit:

Derry Girls- 2 seasons

If the first ten minutes of Derry Girls doesn’t have you hooked- then television just isn’t for you. Set in the 1990’s in Derry, North Ireland, at a time of great political and social upheaval, this light-hearted and hysterically funny show is heavy on the nostalgia and has a killer set-list. Follow Erin and her ragtag group of friends as they navigate adolescence and debauchery under the watchful eyes of their strict Catholic parents.

Vikings- 5 seasons

A historical drama series about the famous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, this show is aesthetically breathtaking with a captivating narrative to match. Following the life of Ragnar, who began as a humble farmer, the show tracks his meteoric rise to become the most famous Viking ever known. A warning: this show is not for the weak stomached; at times it is gory, sexually explicate and violent. But if those core themes don’t bother you, it is some of the best storytelling currently on Netflix.

Crashing- 1 season

The first of Phoebe-Waller Bridge’s work to make the list, but definitely not the last, Crashing is a British comedy-drama that follows the complex lives of a group of people thrust together by their shared accommodation. This series is surprisingly heartfelt behind all the laughter- and there is a lot of laughter. The only criticism I have of this show is that there is only one season, and there are no plans to make more.


Amazon Prime

Fleabag. Credit:

Fleabag- 2 seasons

Fleabag created a cultural phenomenon and I am so, so sad that there are only two seasons because I could watch at least 10. Following the life of a young woman in London, it explores the harsh realities of adulthood, grief and family. It is also hilarious. Phoebe Waller-Bridges’ second television series is as good as the first- only this time she gets more of a chance to display her emotional range as an actress. Based on her one-woman show, Fleabag comes alive on the small screen.

Seinfeld- 9 seasons

A classic. Seinfeld follows the lives of four somewhat-shitty people as they navigate dating and friendship in New York. It was a revolutionary series that kickstarted the sitcom craze. If you haven’t seen it and you have access to Amazon Prime- stop reading this and go binge it right now!



The Other Guy. Credit:

The Other Guy- 2 seasons

Written by Australia’s Matt Okine, The Other Guy is an exploration of the impacts of love, friendship and grief in our lives. Loosely based on a true story, the series is about a successful radio host who unexpectedly finds himself back in the dating world after finding out his girlfriend of a decade was cheating on him with his best mate. Intrinsically Australian, The Other Guy is set in the Inner-west of Sydney and will feel very familiar to anyone above the age of 20.

The Circus- 5 seasons

The Circus is for anyone who’s looking to exercise a bit of their brain power while they’re on lockdown. It is a documentary series that begins at the start the 2016 US presidential election and continues to the present day. Releasing new episodes weekly, the circus is a tangible look at the American political environment as they explore all the factors that affect voting, policies and the President of the United States. It is the perfect blend of informative and captivating.

Killing Eve- 1 season (catch S2 on ABC iView)

It’s hard to put Killing Eve in a box. Its intense and dramatic, but also funny when you don’t expect it. There are hardcore action scenes immediately followed by homoerotic tension between the two main characters. A take on the traditional cat and mouse trope, Killing Eve is concerned with dismantling all the preconceptions a viewer has. Created by the aforementioned Phoebe Waller-Bridge and starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, Killing Eve is the best show on television right now. Watch out for season 3, which is being released at the end of April.


Disney Plus

The Mandelorian. Credit:

Star Wars: The Mandalorian- 1 season

For any fan of the Star Wars series, the Mandalorian is an absolute must watch. Set after The Return of the Jedi, this series delves deeper into the aftermath of the war, and explores what life is like for other species in the galaxy far far away. The Child (baby Yoda), who took the internet by storm late last year is the cutest alien you’ve ever seen. The Mandalorian is a little bit corny- in the way that all the best Star Wars films are- and a whole lot of fun.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D- 7 seasons

Based on the Marvel comics and set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is a fun extension of the superhero films we all know and love. This series adds valuable content and essential knowledge for any Marvel Stan. It also sees the return of Agent Coulsen. The character development in this series is up there with some of the best of Marvel’s work and it is a great show to sit down and binge.



Veep. Credit:

What We Do in the Shadows- 1 season

A reimagination of Taika Waititi’s 2014 film, there is only one word to describe What We Do in the Shadows: bizarre. It is a mocumentary about four vampire roommates living on Staten Island- each character weirder than the next. It is such an enjoyable and funny series to watch and I can guarantee that there is nothing else like it. Watch out for season two, which is coming out in mid-April.

Veep- 7 seasons

Veep is a political satire comedy series that stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus (of Seinfeld fame) as Selina Meyer. The series is about the personal and political life of Selina as Vice President of the United States. It is an extremely clever show that will have you laughing and cringing throughout. Louis-Dreyfus shines in this role and elevates the show par excellence.


Anime Lab

Naruto. Credit:

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Naruto is a Japanese anime series that follows an outcast on his quests for acceptance. Whether or not you grew up watching this show, there is no doubt it is an exquisitely written story line about personal growth, friendship and community.

My Hero Academia- 4 seasons

A Japanese adaptation on American superhero comics, My Hero Academia is about a boy determined to learn what it means to be a hero. The main themes are good vs. evil and the value of hard work. My Hero Academic poses the question; How would the values of society change if citizens had superpowers?


SBS on Demand

Broadchurch. Credit:

Broadchurch3 seasons

If you’re looking for a more serious show to watch, then you can’t go past Broadchurch. Starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman, this heart wrenching who-dun-it will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish- albeit with a box of tissues and a tub of ice cream for comfort next to you. Set in the fictional town of Broadchurch, this show is about a small seaside town in Britain that has been rocked by an unthinkable tragedy. It will make your heart hurt, but it is truly one of the best shows the internet has to offer.


ABC iView

Doctor Who. Credit:

Doctor Who– 13th Doctor

Debuting the new female Doctor, the show is just as good as the classic series we all know and love. Jodie Whittaker takes on the role of Doctor Who on with enormous charm and confidence, and is a compelling character to watch. This addictive show just keeps getting better.



The Beautiful World of Jefree Starr. Credit: YouTube

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Starr

An American Documentary-Web series created by Shaun Dawson, this series follows the life of Jeffree Starr. With eight episodes and a bonus bloopers episode as well, the funny duo will be sure to get you through any quarantine blues you may be feeling.

Bon appétit

Bon appétit is all about cooking with confidence and fun. A great way to entertain yourself while your locked away with your smelly roommates or nagging parents, this channel is as much about teaching as it is about entertainment. So head down to your local shops (which by the way will still be open in the event of a lockdown), stock up on ingredients and get cooking!

Shaun Attwood

Shaun Attwood is a dedicated youtuber with a lot of content available at the click of a button. Exploring true-crime and conspiracy theories as well as sharing his real life experiences as a former drug dealer/prison inmate, Shaun’s channel is a great way to lose yourself for a couple of hours and become immersed in quality content.


Happy watching and stay safe and healthy!

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