What We Think Won’t Shut Down During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With cases on the rise and universities switching to online classes, it’s only a matter of time before everyone else follows – but what won’t shut down?

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The coronavirus is taking it’s toll in every way imaginable. From deaths to the economy – everything’s taking a hit. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to take a 14-day holiday but being in my last year of uni, I’m not exactly keen to delay the process by another year. So that begs the question, what won’t shut down?

Uber/Uber Eats

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Probably the most obvious choice. Whether it’s to get from Point A to Point B or you just need to fulfill that midnight-snack craving, Uber will come in handy more than ever. With the Government cracking down on ‘large gatherings’, public transport is up in the air, and if it does get shut down then…


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While you may enjoy your time at home, your pet may still need some veterinary attention here and there. I know what you’re thinking – can my pet contract the coronavirus? Yes, they can contract coronavirus but not the particular strain that is currently floating around.


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Extremes push people to some crazy measures and for some this means losing trust in one another. It’s hard to see supermarkets closing down, however, that won’t stop people from believing that others might be secretly carrying around the virus and opting for online shopping instead.

And this is where Amazon comes in. They’ve got it all, from your weekly groceries to toilet paper. Need it straight away? Express delivery has got you covered.

Garbage Collections

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Staying at home for 14 days is going to result in a lot of waste. Can’t have your bins piling up now can you? Councils will most likely keep their services running to ensure self-isolation can be as stress- and stink-free as possible.

Streaming Services/Radio/News

If any sector is going to thrive during this time, it will be streaming. While some are eager to catch up on shows, others are just as eager to keep up-to-date with the news. Either way, streaming services will be available at your fingertips. Most news corporations provide a live-stream of data on their websites and post updates to their social media.

Online Gaming/Internet Companies

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In line with streaming, online gaming will see a massive surge in activity. Athletes are already resorting to platforms such as Twitch to help kill time during the self-isolation period.

And with such an emphasis on internet in the next couple weeks, there’s no way that internet companies will abandon ship on their beloved customers, right?


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Maybe an-ignored sector, midwives may feel some positive effects from the pandemic. A 14-day isolation period may mean that families could see some additions around 9 months from now. Of course, it’ll take a while before an influx of mid-wives will be needed, but don’t worry, it’ll happen.

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