Trend Report 105- Ask Yourself, Just Who Benefits From the Global Covid-19 Pandemic?

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In this PODCAST #105 I want to do a follow up piece on the last one I did about Covid-19.
Right now it’s March 23rd 2020, in Sydney Australia, and all around me the air raid sirens and alarm bells are ringing. Well, metaphorically at least. Panic and anxiety has kicked up to an all time high. All over my Facebook feed are people making doomsday predictions, pleading everyone to self isolate and hide from all human contact. It’s quite interesting to watch the mob mind emerge and how social media is playing a part.
Now I am no expert in pandemics or immunology. But I do know one thing with 100% confidence, and that is that we live in an era where you cannot rely on random members of the public to know anything, or do anything sensible when they are freaked out. You cannot rely on the mainstream media, nor any Government to tell you the truth. So it is just impossible to know with any certainty what is really going on with this virus.
Being in the midst of a global pandemic is unchartered waters for all of us. Pandemic viruses, by their very nature, spread in an exponential fashion. In the early days you see nothing, until you see a lot. And then it keeps doubling, tripling and quadrupling till it doesn’t. So I can understand how everyone is so fearful.
As at today’s date (March 22nd 2020), according to Johns Hopkins Universit,y more than 300,000 people have contracted the virus, and at least 12,944 have died. The world is facing an economic downturn that has not been seen since the Great Depression, as businesses send workers home and public gatherings become shut down in order to slow the virus. And we have no concrete idea of when things might start going back to normality.
I know it’s hard when you are scared, how you are going to keep a roof over your head or just continue to feed your family. But, just know this, the entire world is controlled by the invisible 1%. Their whole tactic is to maintain total control of everything. And that is best done when the people are freaked out and distracted so they cannot see their puppet masters, who’s hands are in everything. And their whole control artifice is administered by the puppet Governments of the world, the controlled media and police/military systems. And I will come back to that a little later.
As of March 21st 2020, In less than a month, the number who have died of Covid-19 in Italy has passed 4,000, as those who were infected in the early stages of the outbreak begin to succumb to the disease, and Italy’s older population skew adding to their mortality rates.
Our streams of hourly updates via social media have everyone becoming instant experts on “Flattening the Curve”, “Scenario C”, “YoYo re-infections”. Never before in the history of humankind has a global pandemic been given this kind of forensic level of coverage. And it’s not just coverage through credible media sources, it is every kind – both genuine and crackpot alike-  through our 24/7 Social media feeds. How in hell can you really know anything?
Now the escalation of the global death toll is clearly a terrifying thing, no-one really knows if it will keep growing exponentially, or as we have seen in China, there will be a levelling off. But as horrific and apocalyptic as these unknown death toll projections are, I would like to put Covid-19 in some context.
Global Death Toll (Source: University of Hamburg)
So to put all of that in perspective, here we are in a world where cigarettes and alcohol have killed over one million people in these same two months versus 2,360 for the coronavirus. Coronavirus locks down the entire planet, and yet we still allow these deadly products to be sold. How does that make sense, Powers That Be?
Maybe the current death toll of 12,944 (as at March 23, 2020) will beat the rate for the common cold this year. But it will still be tiny in the overall scheme of lethal threats that humanity will deal with in 2020. And statistics aside, I still stand by my position, that how in fuck’s name can anyone really know anything about the true threat of this virus, other than it’s ability to cause panic, economic pain and disruption? Which is exactly what the invisible 1% wants.
So if nothing is as it appears, how can anyone really know anything about this Covid-19 thing? Whilst the Pandemic is real, and it is lethal, and we cannot ignore it and hope that it will go away, I have my own questions about it’s random arrival. To me it is clearly  being used as a smokescreen in much the same way as WMDs in Iraq, 9/11 and all the rest. And in that regard, it’s a cracker.
The spreadability of this Covid-19 virus seems the most troubling aspect of it. It is far more contagious than any flu we have seen and, chances are, in time it’s conceivable that a great number of people will eventually be exposed. And that is a scary thought. But in reality only a small percentage exposed will actually get sick. Most that get sick will only have a mild set of symptoms and an even smaller percentage a serious sickness and an even smaller percent of this smaller percent will die. But the way the media is portraying it is that everyone who gets it will need an intensive care hospital bed or they will die a gruesome Game of Thrones-esque death.
Does anyone realise that there are already lots of coronaviruses already in circulation? There are the seven  known to infect humans: SARS, MERS and SARS-CoV-2, which can cause severe disease; along with HKU1, NL63, OC43 and 229E, which typically cause just mild symptoms. And there are thousands of contagious diseases like the flu circulating the world. And how do I know this? Rather than just relying on online searches, I know because just after Christmas 2019, I caught a strange virus, and at the time I had no idea what it was. I put it down to going from 38 degrees celcius days to sleeping in icy cold air-condioning. I thought it was just a really aggressive kind of cold. I had a fever, my sinuses started going crazy and in virtually less than 48 hours my lungs had almost filled with fluid. This developed into full blown double pulmonary pneumonia.
Source: FactDr
I went to the pharmacy to get anti-inflamitants and Day & Night cold tablets, which I was swallowing by the handful. I literally could not breathe, I felt I was suffocating. And trying to sleep was even more terrifying, as when I lay down and dozed off, the fluids closed over my tracheal pipes. And I would wake literally in the throws of suffocation. For several nights I could not sleep and would sit upright in bed and try and rest. It was horrendous. I later went to my GP who prescribed anti-asthma medications and gave me Ventolin to help my breathing. And I had never ever had asthma.
I was never hospitalised, was never tested for a coronavirus, but I am sure now because my symptoms were identical to all of the documented symptoms of full blown Covid-19. I’m 100% sure I had a moderate case of a pulmonary coronavirus. By weeks six-eight, I was back to 80% function and by week 12 I was close to 90%, left with just a lingering mucous cough, still coughing up this sticky resin-like substance that had once filled my lungs.
Now I don’t have an answer as to how this virus was released, or if it will end up killing as many people as the common cold does each year. But I do know it is a very scary thing to get. And I was relatively fit and strong when I got it. I also have no provable idea where it came from, if it was weaponised or released accidentally or intentionally. But I go back to my starting precept: that the entire world is controlled by the invisible one percent whose whole tactic is to maintain total control of everything. And that it is best done when the people are freaked out and distracted so they cannot see their puppet masters’ hands pulling the strings in everything…
So you have to ask yourself the question, who stands to profit from this pandemic? Australian ex-politician Bronwyn Bishop came out recently saying that the virus was something the Chinese Government weaponised and internationally released on it’s own citizens and the western world. Her theory was that China wanted to thin out the large number of older and non productive members of their population, and to cause a recession across the Western world which would put China in a much stronger position. Now I don’t know if that was correct, but the virus does kill more older and sick people than healthy, and it is a certainty that the western world and the USA will be kicked into a major recession.
So what would this 1% stand to gain from the global Pandemic we now find ourselves faced with? Well aside from the global panic and fear that they love to use to control the masses, what else could they be looking to gain from? Well it appears clear that Stock Markets across the globe are heading for massive falls. Already many of the biggest have lost 25% of their value, and it is a long way from the bottom. For a start, this creates a bonanza for cashed-up zillionaires to raid the best companies and assets, buy large swathes of stock for a pittance. As if the stock values of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple will stay at all time lows. So number one, they can use the pandemic to manipulate the global stock markets to their advantage.
Secondly they can sell us the vaccine at exorbitant prices. Imagine if the 1% did engineer the release and spread of Covid-19, but not before they had already developed a vaccine, and had already covertly started to stockpile the vaccine? What a profit bonanza this would be, to have it ready to be released just when everyone is desperate and terrified of dying.
And then we have the regular benefit they love, of keeping the people of the earth panicked and fearful. So they are continually distracted from knowing how the real world order works, and can be ever more controlled by the police / military states that the 1% controls.
And at this time when real people are dying, the true people of value have been revealed. And it’s not the Kardashians, nor the billionaires, nor the movie stars or get-rich gurus, and it’s definitely not the bankers, market traders or elite hedge fund managers. In fact these people have no value at all in a life or death battle. Rather it’s the doctors, the nurses, the carers, the delivery drivers, the supermarket shelf stackers. The good neighbours and community members concerned for their fellow human.
This I do know is true.
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Charles Darwin said “It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But those Fastest to Adapt.” 

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