Ubereats Coffee Club Care Kits

Show a little love by sending your loved ones their groceries to their door.

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Photo Credit: QSR Media

It’s the new reality: supermarkets scramble to restock shelves, panicked buyers run in to grab more than they need. After lining up for hours to get to the store, you walk down the store aisle only to find no main ingredients of your meal, along with empty milk and toilet paper shelves. Again.

Solution? The Coffee Club recently introduced a Care Kit to help you and your loved ones get their essential food to their table. The kit offers a standard loaf of bread and a 2L milk for $8 on the ubereats app until sold out.

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Photo Credit: Pedestrian TV

In addition to the Care Kit, you can also add on a freshly made coffee, some cake, full meals and much more.

If you would like to order a Care Kit for you or a mate, simply jumping onto Uber Eats will do it, then wait for the food to come to you. You can also choose the ‘no contact delivery’, option where food is dropped off at the doorstep. Perfect for those who have self-isolated themselves due to the COVID-19 virus.

Apart from selling food, businesses like to Coffee Club have begun altering their business models to accommodate the current needs of people. Basic pantry items are also delivered to those who were not quick enough in navigating the ravaged supermarket.

As small businesses struggle to find ways to stay afloat in light of the virus pandemic, we can all do our share in supporting our local coffee shops, and care for our loved ones and the more vulnerable in society by sending them essential food staples through a Care Kit.

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