“Wait!! I Just Need To Refresh My Feed”, RHYME SO Gets All The Likes On New Track

‘Fashion Blogger’ is the latest highly addictive new track from the future-pop duo RHYME SO – shining light on society’s obsession with being online, with a satirical twist.

RHYME SO is made up of emerging Australian poet, singer-songwriter, DJ and model, RHYME aka (Rhyme Michaelson-Lara) and colossal Japanese musician and producer Shinichi Osawa, SO aka (MONDO GROSSO).

First bursting into the music scene with their debut track ‘Just Used Music Again’ with over a hundred thousand views, there first compilation album Head In The Clouds II was their two cultures collide harmoniously, bringing a refreshing sound and style.

Blending infectious pop hooks, tongue twisters, witty lyrics and their musical abilities to produce this exciting groovy, avant-garde music, their new video is the child of the sensational duo RHYME SO’s new era sound, which they have dubbed “Blank Post Genre”.

The spectacular video is filmed on ice during a fictional ice-skating competition ‘IAFB Grand Prix 2020’ aka (‘I Am a Fashion Blogger Grand Prix’). We watch RHYME compete with the fabulous drag queen star MILK, both of whom have pro level ice-skating backgrounds.

The visuals pay homage to the sport of ice skating, which they both adore and respect. While highlighting the vibrant, inclusive stage for the LGBTQ+ community and the striking fashion moments, we see through the video’s imagery to the viscera below.

RHYME SO explain that their main point in ‘Fashion Blogger’ is to:

“urge people to take themselves less seriously and get off the excess, unnecessary social media that may harm mental health and to shine a light on consumerism’s one buy – one use clothing and spread awareness of sustainable fashion.”

And people seem to be getting the message. The dazzling new single currently has over a million views and counting. The duo is set to hit the ground running with more new music to come soon. ‘Fashion Blogger’ is out now.

Buy / Stream “Fashion Blogger”: https://avex.lnk.to/RHYMESO_FashionBl…

Buy / Stream “Fashion Blogger” (for ASIA) : https://avex.lnk.to/RHYMESO_FashionBl…

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