The Wellness Movement Is In Full Swing Alongside COVID-19. Do We Have To Play Along?

The push to practice self-care and wellness is getting stronger as we move deeper into a world riddled by the coronavirus. Some of us are following suit but the rest of us might not feel up to it at the moment.


Instagram and every other social media platform is currently cluttered with the same message: self-care, get creative, heal. These stories amplify what society has told us to get on board with for some time now. The wellness movement has been well underway and Influencers are the voice behind it.

Their message has never had as much power as it does now. With all this “spare” time on our hands, as COVID-19 ensures we work from home and don’t do anything else—aside from hoard things—we simply must use this time to look after ourselves, nourish ourselves, take baths, add an extra five-steps to our skincare routines, meditate, practice yoga, journal, bake and just create.

Easier said than done, I say. Personally, I made an effort to incorporate these wellness tropes into my daily life prior to the global pandemic, because we should be doing our best to care for ourselves regardless of the outside world. The “time factor” is really what’s come into play now, but let’s be honest, most of you were going to the gym or yoga classes before this, and now you’re just trying to do them from home. Nothing much to write about there folks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am always an advocate for looking after ourselves. Doing whatever it is that makes you feel good and healthy and nourished (in all senses of the word) is something I encourage you to continue doing. The big “but” is that a global pandemic is here, it’s swept across the world with exhilarating force and speed. Some countries’ citizens are feeling confused, anxious and overwhelmed. They’re scared. If not for themselves, then for the risk of spreading to their loved ones, who might be in immediate danger, or their loved ones’ loved ones.

Doing standard day-to-day activities right now is riddled with potential danger, potential infection and spreading. It’s okay if you don’t feel well and can barely bring yourself to get out of bed in the morning and roll over to your laptop to work. It’s okay to not feel like you have the mental or even physical energy to do all those things that are deemed self-care.

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It’s just important, in these times, that you take a step to look after yourself and make sure your mental health is your number one priority. You don’t have to follow suit with everyone on Instagram to ensure that your levels of self-care are considered trendy enough.

Bake, if you want to, or order delivery (just don’t touch the sweaty man and be sure to wash your hands after, twice). Take a hot bath, or just have a normal shower, or don’t clean yourself at all (but please do sanitise, especially those hands).

Influential people on social media, whoever they may be for you personally, are always going to put their two cents out into the world. They’ll tell you how their tackling a certain issue and you instantly think you should be following suit. You don’t have to.

In this world (outside COVID-19) mental health is a battle that gets thicker and more prevalent each and every year. We so often hear that this a result of the comparison-game we play on social media. In this time of global despair, when anxiety and depression and all those other feelings, are infecting a good portion of humanity, we must remind ourselves to take breaks. Whether it be from social media or the news cycle that reports on one topic and one topic only.

Taking a break is the number one form of self-care. Looking after ourselves, inside and out, is something to practice and preach all year round, regardless of global issues. Of course, it’s an important moment in time right now as we all feel uncertain and on edge—but we cannot beat ourselves up if we’re not using this time to “make the most out of a global pandemic”. The wellness movement was here well before the coronavirus and you’re not obligated to jump on board if it doesn’t suit you right now. Just stay well, whatever that may mean for you.

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