Top 5 Things To Buy During Isolation

If you’re an emotional-/ stress-/therapy-shopper during times like these, we’ve got the top tips on where to spend your money. Of course, having the means to online shop at the moment is a luxury in itself (we acknowledge that fully), but if you’re going to, it’s best to be wise about it.

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Times are tough right now, in every sense of the word and beyond. If anything, “tough” is putting it lightly. We’re all being hit by the current circumstances in so many different ways. Whichever way you’re affected, mild or more, it’s touching your life. One thing we all have in common is that we’re encouraged to stay home.

The level of this advice and its practicality depends on a number of varying factors. Your job, whether it’s essential, what that actually means at its core, and your level of privilege. Having a home to stay in, the means to practice social distancing or to work from home, all fall under the umbrella of privilege. We are extremely lucky to have what we have in these dark times.

While many are losing jobs, or at least having them placed on hold, we’re all reaching steadily for government stimulus. If you’re a young, struggling university student (I feel you, girl), often these kinds of payments could be more than you were earning prior: hello, silver lining.

Now, I must say, it is smart to use these times and these helpful funds to get your life where you need it to be. Stack up those savings, pay off those debts, get by, scrape by, whatever it is you have to do to make ends meet. But if emotional shopping is calling your name (and I know I’m not the only sufferer of that tedious disease) then let’s make it smart stress shopping, yeah?

If you’re lucky enough to have some spare cash to treat yourself to during these times, then here’s a few items we at FIB think are the most essential to be splurging on.

  1. Loungewear
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The vast majority of us are working from home and behind computer screens all day. Whether you opt for a desk to make you feel comfortable, or cosy up on the lounge or even in your bed, you want to be wearing something that a) makes you feel fresh and b) doesn’t restrict you—for that semi-permanent cross-legged sit. Loungewear to the rescue. It must be noted that this type of clothing is indeed different to pyjamas. When you have a loungewear set it means you actually have to get out of your sleep wear and make yourself feel prepared and ready to conquer the day’s tasks. It’s also much more socially acceptable to run your essential errands in it. Trust me.

  1. Skincare
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We’ve all been told that now is the time to add those extra, luxurious steps into our morning and nightly routines. Give yourself those at home facials 2-3 times a week  because you can and it makes you feel good. Since you won’t be going outside any time soon (for extended periods of time or in social gatherings), now is the time to test out new products. If you have a bad reaction? No one has to know. If the results are magnificent, glowy skin? You’re going to walk out of this quarantine a brand new person, who at least looks fresh, whether or not you feel it.

  1. Makeup/beauty
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Ok, so I know we just talked skincare, but makeup is a different ballpark, right? Though we’re not out impressing other people, makeup was never meant to serve that purpose—contrary to popular belief. Wearing makeup is about making yourself feel good, and we could all use a dose of that right now. There’s actually a bit of science to back this up, believe it or not (though I think scientists might not approve of me using that term here).

The concept of “The Lipstick Effect” is that consumers will still choose to spend money on less costly indulgences during periods of economic downturn and recessions; ie premium lipsticks. The high end items they might normally buy are slightly out of reach during these times, but we still want that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes alongside a little “treat yourself”. So switch to something more affordable, and beautiful.

  1. Stationery

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Obviously we all need good stationery in our lives. For those who work in an office, this is often supplied to you. Why would you spend your money on something you already get for free? Now you can! And it’s deemed appropriate! Because you need cute work things to make your days at home feel productive and worth-while. Having nice notepads, pens, paperclips, folders and the like, all make you feel like you’re getting shit done. It doesn’t matter whether or not you actually are, but you’re doing it in style and that’s what counts.

  1. Books
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As we’ve previously discussed on the broadcast, book sales are booming And with good reason. If you’re someone who is normally far too busy to crack open that book you’ve been meaning to read for months, well now is the time. Take breaks from your work or “knock off” early and get in some quality reading time; I promise it’s good for the soul. There’s so many online retailers or local shops who are still delivering, and you may as well bulk buy that stuff because with all your extra lounging time, you’ll be churning through them fast.

There, the top five things we suggest you add to your retail therapy shopping list. Are they really necessary? It’s neither here nor there. What matters is that you’re soothing your soul in this depressing time and making yourself feel positive about something. It might just be the loungewear you’re going to chuck on for five days out of the week, something to keep you feeling and looking fresh, something to ensure productivity or to entertain and educate you. No matter what, we support whatever you need to do during this time.

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