Iconic Duo Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn Keep Fashion Reality TV Alive

Since leaving long-standing Project Runway, fashion duo Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn keep us entertained with their lavish, international reality TV show: Making The Cut.

Photo Credit: Rob Latour/Shutterstock (9877786eg)

Hello, designers. Was that the best thing about Project Runway? Tim Gunn and his exquisite crassness? Or was it the infamous Heidi Klum, whose beauty radiated through her modelling and fashion career? Either way, you love them individually and better yet, we love them together. They’re the iconic fashion-know-all duo. What they say, goes.

After a solid 16 seasons together, the Emmy-winning duo announced in September 2018 that they would call it quits, as their creative dreams spanned much further than the walls of their former TV show.

Klum told The Wrap that,

“Our hands were tied, because our imagination was bigger than what we were about to do or couldn’t do…

When you do a show, someone always has to pay for it, and other people want you to do certain things, so you can’t have the creative freedom”

While leaving the long standing show was a bittersweet feat, the duo knew that bigger and better things were on their horizon. Their time together, helping designers become the best they can be, was yet to come to an end.

Klum and Gunn jumped on over to multi-billion-dollar company Amazon, so their creative dreams could be sought out and pursued under a much larger budget. In mid-2019 the two announced the coming over their new fashion reality TV show, Making The Cut.

How would this show be different and stand-alone from the long-respected Project Runway? To be honest, there’s not too many differences. First of all, we still have the two powerhouses leading front of stage. That was what kept people returning to Project Runway anyway, so having them here and ready to rock their passion is enough for most.

The key differences to this production do lie within the larger budget. Filming began in a pre-COVID-19 locked-down world and this meant that the hosts and designers were able to travel globally for their creative tasks. The crew travels to fashion capitals of the world: Tokyo, Paris and New York, to name a few.

Alongside Gunn and Klum, there are other renowned designers and industry gurus to keep the show as “high fashion” as possible. Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, Joseph Altuzarra, Chiara Ferragni and Carine Roitfeld all hold seats on the judges’ panel for the show’s first season.

The simple question: how does the show work? As we said before, it’s really not all that different from what you’re used to seeing from Gunn and Klum, except this time there’s the international advantage. Aside from that, the show follows along with 12 different global designers and entrepreneurs, as they fight to be the last one standing in order to grow their fashion brands.

The contestants range from experienced to young, and up and coming, and they all have one thing in common: they want the $1 million prize at the end. Safe to say it’s a healthy start up that any company or entrepreneur would be lucky to get their mitts on.

The big bonus at the end, not just for the winner, but also for us viewers: each episode’s winning look will be available for purchase on Amazon—and for an affordable $100 or less.

“I’m really trying to straddle the artistry of fashion design and the commerce part of it,” said Klum to The Hollywood Reporter in 2018.

 “When you’re online and you’re watching your favorite show, which is hopefully going to be ours, you’ll have the commerce aspect for the first time. When you see a design that you actually love, you can buy it. It’s not only great for the consumer, but it’s also amazing for our designers. We never had that aspect where we could actually help the designers to really branch out into the real world like this on Project Runway.”

It’s very clear that the viewers who want fashion reality, want the best of the best. We want Heidi and we want Tim and we want them working together.

Heidi told Vogue Australia that,

“Tim is my work husband. I always joke that this is my longest-lasting marriage.”

Making The Cut premiered on Amazon on March 27th with two episodes dropping weekly up until the finale on April 24th. If you haven’t tuned in yet, we’re in the world of binge-watching, so now’s your time. Auf Wiedersehen.

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