Twenty One Pilots Have Released A Quarantine Single And It’s Great

Duo band Twenty One Pilots have released a new single, ‘Level of Concern’, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s catchy and worth a listen.

Photo Credit: Fueled by Ramen.

The coronavirus pandemic has been going on for a while now, and it goes without saying that it’s affecting the many industries. The music industry is no exception, with concerts and festivals being cancelled or postponed, and music release dates being pushed back.

In response to the pandemic and the restrictions that have put most of the world in self-isolation, major band Twenty One Pilots have come out with a brand new song. It’s been nearly two years since the band’s latest album, and their new single ‘Level of Concern’, was written and recorded in the band’s own self-isolation.

The band, originating in Columbus, Ohio, formed in 2009 and reached worldwide fame in 2015 with the bestselling status of their fourth studio album Blurryface. The album won over many fans and was praised by critics for its diversity and mature themes, and its signature sound as a creative mix of hip-hop, reggae and indie rock.

Band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun released their fifth and latest album, Trench, in October 2018. Trench was an album that Joseph and Dun built anticipation for with a long social media hiatus. In Australia, the album reached number one in the ARIA Albums Chart upon its release, and was also met with positive reviews internationally.

We haven’t heard much from Twenty One Pilots since Trench, but their recent single ‘Level of Concern’ is a song we didn’t know we needed.

Twenty One Pilots: ‘Level Of Concern’

Photo Credit: Fueled by Ramen.

‘Level of Concern’ is a super catchy song. It’s quarantine themed, and it acknowledges the state of the world as it is right now with an upbeat Twenty One Pilots tone. At the same time, I’d say it sounds a little different to what one would expect from the duo, but it’s a nice shift. According to Joseph, the song is the first composition he has written on an electric guitar.

Regarding the song, frontman Tyler Joseph said:

“Always writing, but this one feels like it should just come out now”.

Joseph has also expressed his concern for the uncertainty of live music and when it will be up and running again. So, Joseph and bandmate Josh Dun have decided to donate a large portion of the profits of ‘Level of Concern’ to a charity called Crew Nation.

The charity is a global relief fund that goes towards live music crews whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and tour cancellations.

There’s no doubt that it’s a tough time for the music industry, and for the world in general. It’s definitely a time of challenge and struggle, and Joseph has made it clear that he hopes this new song will help some people in their own situations with the pandemic. The song is an optimistic one that encourages a more cheerful mood, and besides that, it just sounds great.

Twenty One Pilots are an awesome band, and it’s always good to see our favourite bands producing new music. So props to them for staying productive during this time and giving us another great song, and lifting our spirits too.

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