Gucci’s New Pre-Fall 2020 Campaign Shares a Child-like Utopia Full of Cute Animals and Nature

Gucci’s latest pre-fall 2020 campaign is an ode to innocence, small animals, and nature. For a world living in lockdown, the imagery seems to have come at a perfect time.

Photo Credit: I-D Vice

While we’ve all been at home missing fresh air and wishing we had used our summertime to frolic in a sunflower garden somewhere far away from our now butt-imprinted couches- Gucci, has used this time to share a campaign to lift all our spirits.

Shot by Alasdair McLellan, the new pre-fall 2020 campaign for the Italian fashion house is bringing back the nostalgic days of our childhood in the playground, this time with a more idyllic and dreamy vibe. Picture models wearing Gucci’s silhouettes, prints, crushed velvet suits and strange sunnies while posing with frogs, owls, squirrels, and ducks, in a playground. Otherwise described by Gucci as;

“An ode to retrieved innocence, a return to the infant world, a call for a real engagement with nature and, with that, life.”


For the luxury brand that has been carbon neutral since 2018, the campaign was tactfully dropped on the back of Earth Day, the first one we’ve spent indoors and away from nature. Seems like Gucci purposely paired animals, nature, and people within a utopian world we can relate to, in order to depict that we can peacefully coexist post-quarantine.

Gucci have partnered with The Lion’s Share Fund to help vulnerable and near-extinct animals in the wild by donating a portion of their media spend to the charity anytime an animal appears in their advertisements. Considering their latest campaigns, our calculations say that’s a fairly large amount of donations. I mean, who could forget Harry Styles with this adorable piglet??


Photo Credit: The Independant

While I’m not excusing or ignoring all the controversy Gucci has had in the past, I can recognise the steps they’re taking to improve their reputation and leave a better mark on this world. Besides, I for one am loving seeing their nature inspired campaign during this quarantine period.

Take a look at Gucci’s pre-fall 2020 campaign down below:



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