Lockdown Series: Home Photoshoots

In my last article, I spoke about using the time lockdown has provided us with. we have more free time on our hands than ever before, so one can either waste this time on negative thoughts or actions, or one can try and use the time for a positive purpose.

Photo Credit: Coles Classroom

This week I’m going to use my extra time to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m going to have a home photoshoot. I’ve always had a love for fashion and photography. And to be honest there’s no better time to give it a try.

I’m not the only one, Social media had been blowing up. From millions of trending TikToks to Instagram posts and hashtags like #homephotoshoot, it’s like the world is really getting into home photoshoots.

My feeds have been filled with Home photoshoots for a while now, even Vogue Italia did a home photoshoot. So, with the world trying it I thought why not give it ago.

So, I spent a good hour and a half looking for some inspiration, there was so much variety to choose from. I decided to focus on TikTok as I have seen and gotten most of my inspiration from there.


From the  #outsidemirror challenge and the #toiletpaperchallenge to avant-garde high fashion challenges, there is so much Photography inspiration. I decided to get creative. I looked around my house for props and spaces I could use. I thought might as well make the most out of this walled-in experience and have some fun.



Once I decided what types of pictures I would take and where I would take them, it got to the fun part. Picking the outfits, this was fun but also hard as I kept having ideas of different combinations and styles I could do that would work well. I decided to lay them all together on my bed. While I was there I thought maybe taking some bed shoots. This one worked well. free adult movies

Bedroom Shoot Image Source: Gabriel Gouveia

Now that I had my outfits planned and where I was going to shoot. I just needed to fix my tripod and get started.

It was nice and sunny so I decided to start outside with some mirror pictures. They turned out pretty good, I even added some props I found around the garden. I also tried different angles, from above and from below. It was a fun experience playing around.

After taking some outside I thought, maybe let’s try some more editorial or traditional shoots. I found some space in the living room and moved some furniture around. I got some books different objects that I had laying around and added them too. when I looked back at some photos the props looked forced so it took them out. These were some of my favourite ones.

So, I did a home photoshoot this week and I think it turned out pretty good. As I continue to spend the next couple of weeks trying to gain a more open-minded approach, I’ll be trying out homework outs.

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