Welcome To Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

Taking 6 years to create the Wonderland book became the most successfully funded photobook campaign in the history of Kickstarter and was sold out in 2 months. Due to overwhelming public demand, a revised 2nd Edition of the book has since been released.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Kirsty Mitchell is an award-winning fine art photographer from the UK. For the past six and a half years she has been working on a deeply personal photographic series dedicated to her mother Maureen. The project began as an escape from reality and a way of coming to terms with her grief, however, within months of the series inception it quickly gained a worldwide following.

“Wonderland” has reached the number 1 slot on Amazon for photography, fashion and fine art books, with almost 11,000 copies now sold. The book contains 640 photographs including hundreds of behind the scenes images as well as the deeply personal journal written by Kirsty throughout its duration.

The wonderland series was created in memory of Kirsty Michelle’s mother, who passed away from cancer in 2008. The Wonderland series began in the summer of 2009 and became a deeply personal project for Kirsty Mitchell. Taking over 5 years to create and a further 2 years to bring the book to fruition. As she based the images off the stories which her mother told her. Her mother was an english teacher and Kirsty said that

“She read to me almost every day, to an age that I could no longer admit to my friends”.

The Wonderland book has over 640 spectacularly vibrant and breath-taking images. Using her skills as a fashion designer, designer and photographer, each image was carefully created by Kirsty as she created and designed every aspect of the images. The pictures in the series are entirely real and assembled in front of the camera like small film sets, shot out in the landscapes that surround Kirsty’s home.

“Everything was made or designed by myself, the costumes, props, sets and accessories. It all became a vital part of the process.” She said

The Wonderland series was completed in November 2014 and has exhibited internationally. The book is presented in three options. the standard book, the limited-edition box set and the collector’s edition box set each offering extras.

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