A Post-COVID-19 Creative Brand Revolution

Why is imagination crucial in maintaining brand relevance in the advertising and marketing industry?

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Photo credit: Ted Talk

Just as we rake to our imagination to pass time in isolation, businesses do the same- but to keep their brands relevant to their consumers during COVID-19. Brands have always tried to be like friends you can trust, trying to prove they know what’s best for you.

Since just about everyone is staying at home, apparel retailers have turned to push out comfort and cozy trends online. For instance, ShowPo, known for its millennial fashion and social media presence, the fashion retailer recognises that consumers want a personalised humanistic experience with the brand.

It’s a difficult time for businesses to keep their brands relevant in these socially distant times. However, the best brands are designed to meet the needs of people’s lives. Imagine being sold something you don’t need.

What makes brands like ShowPo to stand out? They use their imagination to find ways to constantly engage and inspire their customers.

Showpo founder and CEO Jane Lu says; “Our entire business is driven by our customers- the more we understand them, the better we can serve them”.

Jane Lu (left) with Maddie Ziegler (Right). Photo Credit: Retail News Asia

Dressing to impress? There’s also a fear of being irrelevant or unessential as these no longer answer to the consumer demand. With more people self isolating or working from home, or avoiding busier places, people are finding comfort clothes as the new norm.

While it’s easy to give in to the temptation of staying in your pyjamas, changing out of your pyjamas you sleep in everyday gives a sense of normalcy or routine into our lives.With boundaries between work life and home life are blurred, as offices shutdown during lockdown, zoom scheduled meetings are more common than ever.

In addition to it’s usual party clothes, Showpo has introduced comfort cozy line to accommodate for their customers needs. An express free shipping service for those in Australia and New Zealand during this crisis. The fashion retailer has recognized the danger of losing its brand relevance, shifting its market to focus on the new reality of COVID-19. As aside from the store has been promoting online sales and sharing stories on Instagram.

Like Showpo, many are sharing videos of their own Bin Isolation Outing. There’s only so much one can do during quarantine. Now, it’s become a trend where people get excited about getting dressed to take out the trash. This trend became an opportunity to show off their creativity.

Photo Credit: The National

With everyone staying at home, we’re all making use of our isolation time to work on our personal creative project. Perhaps you’re painting, or maybe you’re busy streaming movies, or trying out new recipes in kitchen.

For those who need to buy DIY equipment or art supplies for home renovation projects. Bunnings have introduced new options for their customers stuck in lockdown. A “drive and collect” service has been recently launched in response to the COVID crisis in Bunnings. This means shoppers don’t have to leave their car. Simply, pay and order online, then collecting their order from the carpark.

Looking at any of the essential businesses, they are aware that they need to adapt fast enough to maintain their position in the market. Sure, there are many products that are convenient consumers however only a few will remain relevant and emotionally important.

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