Here Are All The Ways You Can Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Black Lives Matter movement has rightfully gained momentum this week flooding social media, the streets and the news. Black Out Tuesday just finished up in Australia, and now there is more to be done. 

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Despite living in Australia, there are a variety of ways that you can support the movement, whether it’s from your bedroom if you’re isolating or in the streets protesting. One thing is for sure though, do not forget that this movement has a place in Australia, from the treatment of Indigenous Australians to the non-publicised Black deaths in Australian custody.


These Are The Dates, Times and Places For The Major Australian Protests:


Stop All Black Deaths in Custody: Vigil for George Floyd.

Saturday June 6, 3 pm. till 5 pm.

20 Lee Street, Chippendale, Sydney.


Stop Black Deaths in Custody-Justice for George Floyd #BLM.

Saturday June 6, 2 pm. till 5 pm.

Parliament House, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne.


Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest. Justice for George Floyd!

Saturday June 6, 3 pm.

U.S. Embassy, Moonah PL, Yarralumla, Canberra.


Black Lives Matter Protest.

Saturday June 6, 12 pm.

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane.


Peaceful BLM Protest.

Saturday June 13, 12 pm.

Hyde Park, Vincent Street and William Street, Perth.


Solidarity With Minneapolis! Justice for George Floyd.

Saturday June 6, noon till 1:30 pm.

Northern end of Tarndanyangga, Victoria Square, Adelaide.

Some Things To Bring To Protest Safely:

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Darren Ornitz

If you’re going to the protests, then it’s super important to make sure that you are doing so safely, especially because we are in the midst of a pandemic.

You can bring the usual things to a protest like signs, snacks, water and your super loud, history-making voice.

But for your health, it is imperative you bring a mask, some gloves, bandages and first aid supplies.

To make sure you keep the people around you safe, then do not go to the protest if you are feeling ill, awaiting a COVID-19 test, or meant to be quarantining.

If You’re Staying Home Then There Are Still Plenty of Things to do:

Please educate yourself on the movement, racial justice and how to be actively anti-racist. You can do so by watching films like 13th, American Son, When They See Us (Netflix) and reading up on articles, books and memoirs about race.

Be prepared to have difficult conversations about what is happening, why it’s happening and what can be done with loved ones and children.

Please check in on your black friends, family, partners and colleagues.

You can screenshot, share and repost resources to help educate those around you.

Always be an ally and advocate, even after the outrage ends.

Consciously consume by purchasing from black-owned business and avoiding any organisation or brand that promotes hate.

You can also sign petitions like these:

Please click here for more.

If you’re able to, making donations is incredibly helpful and here are some places you can do so from:

Please click here for more.

If you’re struggling with donations, there are amazing videos on YouTube that generate advertisement revenue to donate to the movement, simply by you streaming it. Meaning you can help the movement financially without leaving your home.

So, keep it on a loop in the background to help out. Just don’t press ‘skip ad’ and be sure to check out the comments on the video to maximize your donation!

Here’s one listed below:


If you’re looking for any more information on how to help, then check this site out, which is super helpful.

Thank you in advance for doing all that you can to support, help and contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. Hopefully we’ll see you at either the protests or online.

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