Love, Campfires and Storytelling: Meet Runaway Belles, the Tassie indie band Making Strides in Indie Music

Runaway Belles, the Tassie indie-duo band continues to charm with its newly released single “The Weekend”.

Photo Credit: Music Tasmania

As the sun shines through the trees, it’s complemented with the gentle stringing of guitars, cellos and soothing vocal harmony. The indie band Runaway Belles brings you all of this in their newly released single, “The Weekend”. It’s made up of two members, Tash Parker and Emma Anglesey. The two are best friends and housemates that have been performing together for the last 6 years. 

Their recent single “The Weekend” had their cellos, guitars and piano recorded in Wally DeBacker’s studio outside Melbourne and focuses on a doomed romance that is so addictive for each lover. 

“This song is about that person who you can’t help but be in love with despite knowing it’s never going to work out in the end,” explains Tash.

“When we recorded this song we imagined we were sitting around a campfire in a forest with a guitar telling the story,” said Emma in an interview with Tone Deaf. “We wanted to capture that intimacy of the verse.”  They added how they hoped they could create intimacy to connect with people in these harsh times by imagining their voices projecting across the landscape.  

“When we recorded this song we imagined we were sitting around a campfire in a forest with a guitar telling the story,”   

The duo have performed in many concerts like Dark Mofo, Panama and Party in the Paddock. They both come from the small town Launceston in Tasmania, a place which inspired their musical journey. 

“Launceston has a small but incredibly rich community of artists and music makers,” Emma and Tash said in an interview with Tone Deaf. “We are so lucky to have so many inspiring peers and collaborators in Tasmania.” 

Photo Credit: Bandcamp

The group still continues to flourish in spite of the lockdown where they perform a live stream every Monday night. “We’re going to play 4-5 songs per stream which will give us some time to chat and share stories,” Tash said in an interview with music feeds. 

The duo have made strides like supporting Katie Noonan during the Festival of Voices. However, they continue to aim for reputable collaborations.  

Whilst their future remains unknown, the duo have more music coming up and wish to perform and travel to all the theatres around the world

“ We loved Norway…it felt like an alternate version of Tasmania,” the duo said. “We…would love to explore more of that part of the world when/if possible”.

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