Hockey Dad Alive At The Drive In: Everything You Need To Know

Hockey Dad have broken out of lockdown and they want you to join them! That is, if you can manage to snag a ticket. 

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Make no mistake, this is not like a regular concert. Social distancing laws and a certain contagious virus means that it is still not possible to consume live music in a major venue. At least not in the traditional sense.

Mixing innovation with nostalgia, ‘Alive At The Drive In’ is exactly what it sounds like- a good old fashioned drive in. It’s a zombie apocalypse style event (‘coz ‘rona) that will take place in “bloody Wollongong”. All you need is your car, a couple of friends and a working radio. No wonder the first show sold out within minutes!

Drive-in cinemas are a phenomenon most of us have only experienced in film | Photo Credit:

After escaping a top secret Windang laboratory, fans have a rare chance to join these morbid mutants as they launch their brand new album BRAIN CANDY in gory glory live in full for the first time including their terrifying hits ‘I Missed Out’, ‘Itch’ and ‘In This State’.

Due to high demand, Hockey Dad have just announced that they will be performing an additional show- but with only 400 cars allowed in the venue, tickets are sure to sell out quick.

So, how will it work?

Fair question. A drive-in concert is definitely a first, and there’s no guarantees that it will go off without a hitch. But that’s all part of the fun about new events. You’re figuring it out together.

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Essentially, the plan for the event is that it will mirror a drive-in movie theatre. Where participants can watch from the safety of their cars with audio blasted via FM radio broadcast. All ticketing will be done by ghosts at the venue. And by that they mean that all tickets will be completely contactless.

Unfortunately, there will be no snack bar or actual bar at the venue, as concert-goers are expected to stay inside their car unless they need to use the bathroom. Usually I would say BYO, but considering everyone is driving to the event, it is important to remember to abide by legal drinking laws and stay safe.


When, Where and Who?

Well, obviously, the main event will be Hockey Dad, but supporting the duo will be Wollongong natives, The Pinheads. Known for their chaotic energy and unforgettable live performances. Playing on the big screen at the time of the event will be the surf doco ‘Rage 3’, because the beachy, surf-rock band have a reputation to uphold!  

The concert will be held at Bulli show ground in Wollongong on Friday, the 31st of July and Saturday, the 1st of August.

Tickets to the second show go on sale tomorrow, but if you miss out you can always take the risk of purchasing from other concertgoers on the bands Facebook event. Cost price is $208 per car. So if you can get five friends together it comes to roughly $40 each.

Considering that this concert might be one of the only live music events we will get this year, I think $40 sounds like a bargain. But then again, you can’t put a price on keeping your sanity.

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