Who Is “Luke Meagher” And Why You Should Care

Gen-Z style commentator and Internet sensation Luke Meagher is bringing his fun, sassy, bitchy and analytical view of the fashion industry to the masses. One upload at a time.

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Luke Meagher is a critic for a new age in fashion. Known online by the handle of Haute le Mode. He pulls apart fashion industries happenings via YouTube videos and Instagram memes. His large following one both platforms find his sassy and bold commentary sharp, hilarious and refreshing.

‘Haute’ is French for ‘high-class’ and ‘le mode’ actually Italian for ‘fashion’. Which is somewhat funny as Haute Le Mode began as a streetwear blog, and high fashion as streetwear might not make sense to some. Luke knows it doesn’t make sense, but in an interview, he said:

“It’s not supposed to make any sense! The fact that it doesn’t make sense is so much more on brand”

What makes Meagher so popular is his voice, the fact that he isn’t afraid to piss someone off or call them out is what sets him apart. As most criticism is not taken lightly in the fashion world, we’ve seen editors and critics alike banned from attending runway shows for doing their actual job because they’re expressing a point of view that isn’t overly encouraging or admiring. Luke Meagher has emerged as a new, modern-day voice in fashion simply because he voices his opinion regardless of who he’s talking about.

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i think i know why the gucci girls cry

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Long time viewer, Polina, says she really enjoys his content because “He combines fashion history, popular culture, trending events and celebrity culture well. He speaks clearly to his audience and remains engaging throughout his videos, even the ones that seem too long.

She then went on to say that “his criticism feels genuine and accurate. His social media platforms have created their own fashion community … It’s always exciting seen that he’s posted a new video”.

Some of Meagher’s most successful videos to date include a rundown of the most influential Alexander McQueen shows titled “Alexander McQueen Made Models Do What!?!” with over 1 million views, a “roast of the Met gala red carpet” also with over 1 million views, a well-worded video titled “I HAVE DIORPRESSION AND I NEED HELP!” with over 100 thousand views. And finally, one of my personal favourites “Reacting to euphoria fashion” which has over 400 thousand views.

The comments on his posts and videos, allow his followers to engage in insightful dialogue and add their own thoughts. With many complimenting Luke on his encyclopedic knowledge of the industry.

As one comment reads: “You’re the only one on this platform I’d actually watch a 24 minute long about fashion heritage, you really know your way about making interesting content and educational one without making it boring or patronizing! Congrats on the collaboration and yes, you looked beautiful in that look!”

Another comment on Instagram reads: “You don’t get invited to shows because you offer real criticism instead of kissing 🍑 to stay on a brand’s good side, and for that, we thank you ❤”

His videos and posts showcase fashion’s inadequacies. Yes, he does this is a fun, sassy, bitchy and analytical way but he educates his views by showcasing not only the shows and the clothes but also the industries lack of diversity and inclusivity, its continued mishaps with cultural appropriation, and its surface-level commitments to a more sustainable future.

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