Performing online: How Sydney’s Opera House Live Streamed Concert Series Could Save Sydney’s Local Music Scene 

The Sydney Opera House has allowed local bands to livestream their performance inside their concert halls.

Low Life Performing. Photo Credit: The Guardian

Following last year’s success of  “Cure”, the Opera House has begun live streaming it’s performances. The success of the program has been surprising with no one expecting every show to be broadcasted on a livestream. 

In an interview with The Guardian, the head of Digital programming described the extreme difficulty and scale of the task at hand.

“We finalised and rolled out in 18 days a job which would have taken 18 months,” he said. 

It’s worth noting that such a task involves learning and honing new skills as the audience was at home. If there was too much white light, it would blow out the footage.

The Control Room. Photo Credit: Daniel Boud/ The Guardian

In previous times, the virtual experience of concert would have been secondary. Now it’s at the forefront of importance for live-music lovers.  

Whilst the Opera House is free from the financial demands of filling it’s seats; the gesture of offering local bands and the underground music scene a platform is a commendable step.

The local band Low Life has a small amount of fans who are extremely dedicated to their band.  

Being in the Opera House is a different experience for the band, according to frontman Mitch Tolman.

“We’re influenced by … the hot and muggy concrete streets of the West and South West…all the desperation embedded in and around these areas,” he said in an interview with the Guardian.  

The reality is that the Opera House’s live stream could be the game changer for local bands like Low Life. This comes at a time where New South Wales’s music scene has come under a strong crackdown from NSW Police force.

With NSW not hosting livestreams, one hopes that the move by the Opera House could be the key in elevating non-mainstream acts and venues from their struggling state.

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