Everything We Know About Love Life Season 2

If, like me, you’ve already binged Anna Kendrick’s new hit show ‘Love Life’, and are now wondering where you’re going to get your next fix, then you’re in luck! HBO have already ordered a second season, less than a month after the show debuted.  

Kendrick stars and executive produces ‘Love Life’ | Photo Credit: vanityfair.com

Love Life is the first original series of the new streaming site HBO Max. Understandably, viewers were apprehensive. And with good reason, thanks to Apple +’s wash of a debut series ‘The Morning Show’.  But, unlike The Morning Show, Love Life did not disappoint. As any 20 something will tell you, it is intensely relatable. Sometimes uncomfortably so.

Kendrick shines in this anthology rom-com series as timid Darby Carter. A damaged but likeable lead whose really just trying to figure it out. We follow Darby through several relationships, but ultimately it is the relationship with herself which becomes the hero of the series. The mother/daughter dynamic is a close second.

But, with the season ending with Darby finally finding her soulmate, the question remains: where can this go for season 2?


Here’s What We Know So Far

The premise of the show is that every season will follow a new lead character, as they cycle through their first love, to their last love. Although if the first season is anything to go by, the journey of self actualisation is actually more important than finding that final person.

Which means that Darby will no longer be the main character in season two. Although considering the fact that Kendrick is an executive producer of the series, she is definitely expected to make appearances. 

“It’s been a labour of love working with everyone on Love Life and all who helped shaped Darby and brought her story to life,” said Kendrick. “I am so excited to be able to collaborate again with the team on a new character and their journey”.

Photo credit: tbivision.com

While the main premise of the show will be the same, à la first love to last love, this unknown character will have an entirely different experience to Darby. Instead, this characters journey has been teased as “one which explores what happens when you’ve lived your whole life knowing who your soulmate is, only to find out years into a marriage that it’s not the right fit at all”.


When can we expect season two on our screens? 

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a little less clear. Not only is ‘Love Life’ HBO Max’s OG scripted show, but it is also the first of their shows to be renewed for a second season.

However, despite making the quick decision to renew the series, it is still unclear how soon the turn around for season 2 will be. Mostly because of our old friend ‘Rona, which has basically shut down the film and television industry for the time being.

The silver lining here is that considering the popularity of the first season, its fair to assume that as soon as filming can begin, filming will begin. For now though, it looks like we should expect the series to return to our screens this time next year.


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