The Fun Ways Haim Is Promoting Their Album During Quarantine And Why It’s Working

The much-loved-90s-style-girl-band, Haim, has not let quarantine stop the promotion of their new album Women in Music Part III.

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From hosting dance classes for their newly released song “I Know Alone” to performing live from their stylish living rooms for Tiny Desk Concert; the girl band has creatively generated a flock of fans busting to hear their new album. Known for their style already, the girls have capitalised on the trend of zoom dance classes especially on their Instagram, an opportunity unique to quarantine that they seized quickly and successfully.

The new album abbreviated by the girls as WIMPIII is set to be released June 26th , “just in time for summer” as they announced on their Instagram, despite the announcement of its postponement due to Covid-19. In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe the girls explained the decision about moving the album’s release date:

“Things were changing so quickly that when we were supposed to put out our record, it just didn’t feel like an appropriate time to do so.

So, we ended up moving our release date to later this summer. And now that it feels like we’ve settled into this weird quarantine new normal life, we really just want to put it out and we’re going to give you ‘Women In Music Pt. III’ on June 26th.”


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The girls have released the songs “I Know Alone”, “Summer Girl”, “Hallelujah”, “Now I’m In It” and “The Steps”. All of which lead the way for the upcoming albums theme: women in music. Alana Haim explained the album in a statement:

“I liked it because we are literally women in music and we always get written about that way, so it seemed cool to make it our own and control the narrative.”

Following the production of the music videos to “Hallelujah”, “Now I’m In It” and “Summer Girl” pre-quarantine the girls have not let the production of their music video to “I Know Alone” stop in lockdown. The video features the three girls’ iconic style of dancing in front of a basketball hoop at home with their usual cool girl fashion style. The video, a symbol of music creation during quarantine, features the girls staying two metres apart in the film and filmmaker Jake Schrier directing the clip remotely.

The girls have also performed on shows such as NPR’S Tiny Desk (Home) Concert and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from the comfort of their own LA Homes. The Tiny Desk Concert featured three tracks from their upcoming album including “The Steps”, “I Know Alone”, and “Summer Girl”.The girl’s performance seemed to not only promote the music but continue to promote their fashionable Californian brand seen through their light filled homes and white tees and blue jeans. The performance even featured Henry Solomon who played the sax melody on the track “Summer girl”.

This performance as well as their at-home Instagram shoots have subtly but successfully imbued the summer tones and Californian hues of the new album. Such as when Danielle Haim announced the release of their song “I Know Alone” with a picture featuring Danielle laying naked on a couch covered by a newspaper surrounded by empty wineglasses and beer bottles to the backdrop of the LA skyline.

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I Know Alone. 4/29

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The sisters’ clever and on brand promotion of their new album cannot and will not be stopped by quarantine and has left fans eager for its release and even more excited for when they get to see the band perform live.

Access their new album here.

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