Wing Defence Share New Single ‘Relocate’ and Forthcoming EP

If you haven’t already heard of the indie-rock band Wing Defence, now is definitely the time. Following their emergence as one of Australia’s up-and-coming music acts in 2018, the Adelaide duo Skye Walter and Paige Court have been nominated for a multitude of South Australian Music Awards, performed at major music festivals, been recognised by triple j as emerging Unearthed artists, and have now released an enthralling new single with an EP on the way. 

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With a grungy rock feel the band’s new single ‘Relocate’ effortlessly layers pop-punk guitars amongst rhythmic vocals and emotive lyricism exploring the detrimental effects of holding onto negativity. “Relocate is about channelling negative energy and turning it into something positive,” said the girls.

“Sometimes negativity can come out in different ways and being on the receiving end of it can be very damaging at times. The song embodies exactly that.”

This crisp indie anthem is punchy and full of fierce feminine energy making it one of Wing Defence’s best musical ventures yet.

The new track was written back in 2018 and recorded at Adelaide’s Ghostnote Studios with Skye and Paige mentioning how performing the song in a live setting helped the duo with the recording process.

“Being able to play this song live a few times before we had a go at recording it allowed us to develop parts of the song and flesh it out a bit more which was super beneficial,” the duo said.

Wing Defence also have an upcoming EP ‘Friends’ out July 3rd which includes a string of successful singles the girls have written including ‘Relocate’, ‘Stuck’, ‘Listerine’, ‘Hindsight’, ‘Bob’, and ‘Weapons’. “The songs themselves are a collection of what we wrote as we’re growing through things together.” Skye and Paige explain.

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The name ‘Friends’ is very symbolic representing the bond between the two girls. “We decided on the EP title ‘Friends’ as the record is a bit of an ode to our friendship and how strong it’s become through starting this project.”

The girls drew their inspiration for their upcoming ‘Friends’ EP from a collection of 5 tracks that influenced their music writing. The girls mentioned how each of these tracks helped shape the songs in their EP. Listen below.

My Body’s Changing Press Club. The lyrics in this track hit home and sparked a need to write a tune about life changing experiences. Having to let go and cut the strings that no longer serve a purpose.

Calypso by Spiderbait. This was our first ever cover and it really helped set the tone for our sound and live presence. It’s fun, silly and energetic and we really got a chance to make it our own with a true WD vibe.

Burn Bridges by The Grates. Love the energy and fun that this song brings. It’s no secret WD love a good gang vocal breakdown and this might be the best example of that and definitely a track we’ve all collectively loved.

Stuck Tn The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel. Such a great choon! We were definitely channelling this vibe when we were producing Silence in the Studio.

Just a Girl by No Doubt. We love our 90’s tunes and covered this once at our sold out hometown show. Another tune that really set the vibe for Wingos and contributed to our overall sound. 


The band was named after the netball position Wing Defence as this kind of player embodies qualities that the girls really admire. “We definitely know that Wing Defence is the player that is always there if you need on the court and I guess off the court we kind of now consider ourselves life Wing Defenders.”

During the Coronavirus lockdown, the pop-rock duo have used this time to take a break from music-making and reflect on their personal lives. “Skyes been busy being a new mum and I’ve been trying to learn a bit more in production. We haven’t been super proactive on the writing front but that’s ok I think. Keen to dig in soon.”

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Wing Defence have also supported artists including Polish Club, The VANNS, and West Thebarton to name a few, and have played at big music festivals including BIGSOUND, Groovin The Moo, and Laneway Festival which the girls cherish as momentous experiences. “Having the opportunity to perform on those festival stages amongst so many incredible artists is always a bit of a thrill.”

When she’s not rocking the stage under the name of Wing Defence, Paige is singing solo as ‘MANE’ flaunting hauntingly beautiful vocals. Paige mentions how she enjoys the different dynamics between MANE and Wing Defence. “I think my solo stuff is very deep, personal and emotive and as much as Wing Defence is too, there’s a little bit more tongue and cheek. So it’s been a really fun and rewarding process writing between the two.”

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At their core “Wing Defence is fundamentally a band about shedding light on common struggles, on adult life and finding ways through. Looking for positivity and lifting each other up – through our music we’ve bonded, grown-up and taught each other lessons,” said Wing Defence.

This inspiring band has blown us all away with their new single ‘Relocate’, proving their individualised pop-rock sound is getting better and better with each new track. Their fresh forthcoming ‘Friends’ EP will further prove Wing Defence is now soaring to new heights in the music world.

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