La Fille d’O – HISTORY OF LINGERIE – Designer Guides To Fashion

Committed to sustainability and an avant-garde aesthetic, La Fille d’O has been reinventing lingerie since 2003 with their luxury, minimalist designs.


The brand was created by Murielle Scherre in 2003. She had always been captivated by lingerie, but it was during her time as a designer in fashion school that she realized just how much she preferred working with the curves and contours of the human body. After graduating, Scherre worked for a number of fashion companies, an experience that left her disillusioned. At this time, she decided to follow her passion of lingerie and opened La Fille d’O.

Her collections are inspired by the never-ending struggle between sex and the innocent that Scherre believes many women are familiar with. Bodysuits, exposed breasts, black leather and the notion of bondage, all play a key conceptual role within their lingerie designs. What separates the label from their competition is the quality of their handmade designs and their dedication to the comfort of women, no matter their shape or form.




Written by Charlie O’Brien
Narrated by Annalisa Astarita
Edited by Lily Warland




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