BLACKPINK In Your Area with ‘How You Like That’

Despite their short time in the music industry, South Korean girl group BLACKPINK boasts records of achievements. The group’s most recent highly-anticipated single, ‘How You Like That’, released on June 26th, has already set industry records.

Photo Credit: Korea Times


BLACKPINK was the first girl group to debut in six years under YG Entertainment, one of South Korea’s top three entertainment agencies, making their debut in 2016 that much more significant. Their first two lead singles were the fastest to top Billboard World Digital Songs chart, marking the beginning of their rise to stardom.

The multilingual girl group has music for everyone. Having released both Korean and Japanese albums, they have also worked with some of the world’s biggest stars. BLACKPINK has collaborated with pop-stars Dua Lipa in “Kiss and Make Up” and recently starred in Lady Gaga’s newest album on a track titled “Sour Candy”. They also became first K-pop artists to perform at Coachella in 2019, consolidating their impact in the Western music industry.

Photo Credit: MTV

BLACKPINK’s newest single has been out for less than two weeks and broke multiple records in the first day. Guinness World Records stated that they achieved new records including Most Viewed YouTube video in 24 hours, Most Viewed YouTube Music Video in 24 hours, as well as Most Viewed YouTube Music Video in 24 Hours by a K-pop group. YouTube also confirmed the group set two new titles of Most Viewers for the Premiere of a Video and Music Video on YouTube.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Performing for the first time on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ on June 26th, members sent BLINKS, their fanbase, into total meltdown. The interview was conducted digitally, (obviously) as part of Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show: At Home Edition’. The members also played the “Try Not To Laugh” Challenge. As Fallon recalled the girl group’s statistics of immense popularity through millions followers on social media and whether they knew how big they were, member Jennie said:

“We literally don’t. It’s like- It makes us freeze every time we hear this. We just thank our fans every time for the love.”

As these new generations of K-pop idols make their way into U.S. television, it just shows the impact of technology and the strength numbers make in helping create this. A mere decade ago, K-pop artists were not in mainstream Western media, but the advancement of technology has allowed for their breakthrough. The internet has become a source of generating buzz – whether that be over choreography, meaningful lyrics, catchy melodies. Fans, in large numbers, create revolutions through streaming, as they provide translated content for all languages, and work around the clock for these. It goes to show that the world isn’t so small anymore.


Despite hits being in Korean, beyond the language barrier, you’ll find BLACKPINK’s new single has lyrics to make BLINKS feel good about themselves. The girls sing about overcoming obstacles, soaring higher than before and wanting it all. However, generating the most attention and confusion would be the line “Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane”. Many would instinctively think of the famous quote as being in DC Comic’s Superman series as the reference. However, member Jennie did confirm that beyond that, the line hits closer to home as it represents the “B” and “P” of the group’s name – BLACKPINK.



Despite being in times of uncertainty, BLACKPINK’s fiery comeback has pleased many. ‘How You Like That’ is the first pre-release single for their upcoming full-length Korean album, set for release later this year.

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